In part 2 learn more about attracting the Fae: including practical things you can do and how innocent children more easily see these wonderful folk. Most importantly enjoy the fae, take care with them, and they will bless you.

Now for some practical things you can do to attract the fae folk to your garden.

  • Plants – Fae use the plants for many things: enjoyment, food, clothing, shelter, and so on
  • Flowers that attract dragonflies, bees, and butterflies. If your garden attracts these creates it is healthy enough to encourage the fae to live there as well.
  • Have leafy plants so those who like to hide will have a place to go. Leafy plants also provide shade on sunny days.
  • Though lavender and rosemary are herbs, their fragrance is enjoyed by the fae.
  • Water – All life needs clean water and the fae are no different. They do not need pure water. Rather they do not want polluted or chemically infected water. They thrive with water that has dirt in it because the dirt offers them minerals. As needed they will filter
    but remember they want and enjoy the healthy minerals. Water also provides the fae folk with much fun and frolic as they delight in playing in the water, much as children do.
  • Food – Leave them food. They will always appreciate fruits and vegetables. However they especially enjoy fruits exotic to the area and other treasured items like tea, honey, wine, milk, butter, and sweet baked goods. It is important that all any food you leave is
    high quality, organic, and fresh. The fae’s systems are fragile so offer only the highest quality goods to them.
  • Shiny items – Fae enjoy shiny things. They use them just for fun and delight as well as to attract the sun to help your garden grow. They believe the sun appreciates beauty just as much as they do and people as well.
  • Attract butterflies, dragonflies, birds, and even rabbits. The butterflies, dragonflies and birds are important to the fae because they are a means of transportation. Rabbits and the fae have a close bond so if you attract rabbits you, the natural connection is you
    have fae as well. So build a bird house or bird bath.
  • Music – The most common way to bring music to your garden is by placing chimes around your garden. (Chimes are also a way to add shiny to your garden) Don’t have too many or not carefully placed, so that the chimes repel birds and other helpful flying
    creatures. If you are outside or out in the garden for whatever reason, play some music. If you play an instrument and play it in your garden, if you listen carefully you might hear them playing in harmony with you. It will draw the fae to come in closer.
  • Essential oils – Essential oils have a couple purposes for the fae. Of course the oils are fragrant, which is enjoyed by the fae. However they also have health benefits. Just as with people the fae benefit from the healthy attributes of organic high quality oils.
  • Faerie houses – Making a fairy house just for them is a strong invitation that makes them feel welcome. Faerie houses are very popular. However if the house you have is strictly ornamental and not made for a faerie to actually live in it will be seen as a pretty
    item but not as inviting as an actual house they can use as shelter and home.
  • Wildlife – Be kind and generous to wildlife. Leaving out a bird feeder or grains for wild life lets the fae know you care about all Earth’s life.
  • Be good to the Earth – Since the fae are the Earth’s guardians honoring the Earth is in turn honoring them.
  • Offerings – Leaving small gifts as an offering to them is a welcoming gesture. If the offering gifts are also of a magical nature it’s an added bonus. Honey is often seem as both a good gift that has magical benefits.
  • Lastly – Tell the fae folk they are welcome. If you have rules that are important to you it is critical you tell them the rules and guidelines. They co-exist most harmoniously with people when everyone know the rules and guidelines. And in turn they can decide to not reside in your garden if the rules are not agreeable to them. This is showing respect.How do you know if the fae folks are living in your garden? This does not have an easy, clear, or clean answer. Only a few see the garden fae. Most people just have a feeling when the fae are present or an empty feeling when they are absent. If your garden flourishes the fae are there helping you tend to your garden. When working in your garden seems easier that means the fae are there helping you. Things seeming to move from place to place is a good indicator you have fae in your garden. Music that is very quiet and seems to come from no where in particular is a strong indicator the fae enjoy living in your garden. Fae music is rare so to hear it even for the briefest of brief moments is a gift. Gifts left out for the fae are removed from where they were left. And in turn gifts may be left for you. It is important to receive as well as give. If a gift is left for you joyfully receive it unless it doesn’t feel right. If you sense the gift comes with strings attached you can refuse that gift.

    However if the gift left for you seems to be given with joy and a desire you enjoy the gift take it. Refusing an honestly given gift is seen as a snub and the fae may leave your garden because they will not know if you really want them there or not.

    The strongest way to know you have attracted fae to your garden is to see them. Since adults have often been taught to leave the belief of faeries in childhood adults have a more become more skeptical and thus have a difficult time seeing fae. Though if
    a child tells you they see the fae it is best to believe them.

    A child’s vision 

    At times an adult can see the fae in their garden through the eyes of a child. This is called A Child’s Vision. Though it seldom happens occasionally when a child sees a fae and their vision of that fae folk is so strong they project what they see so clearly, everyone around them sees the fae. I’ve know of this happening twice. The child was staring in a flower bed. Their attention was so focused an adult near them could see the faerie move about the garden and sprinkle a couple flowers with faerie dust. Another time the same child was laying in the grass with shut eyes and moving lips. The adult (a different adult than the previous experience) could first hear the conversation then see the pixie the child was conversing with. Though this was not in a garden the experience was similar. A family was moving. Since the move was in the final stages the children were not present. I told the mother I sensed some sprites sitting among the children’s toys. I asked her if she wanted the sprites to move with them. Though a bit skeptical she said as long as they were good beings. No sooner did she agree that the mother saw bursts of light jump about the toy box, even as we stood 5 feet from the toys. It was a delightful affirmation from the sprite that they wanted stay with the family. Now as adults the children still have the sprites living with them.

    My own experience was talking to the trees. As a child I guess a talked more than thrilled my parents. So my mother would tell me to go out and talk to the trees. I did and they answered me back. I had regular conversations with the fae and tress sprites. Though let me tell you this is no guarantee you will grow up and have a green thumb. My siblings all seem to have the magic to grow things. I don’t have that garden skill but I know when they are present and how they are around to help. Though I lack garden skills I do see many different fae folk in other’s gardens and in other ways in life.

    Having fae in your garden is wonderful. As the Earth thrives so do we – it is a mutual coexistence that is meant to benefit all but not to the absolute favor of only one. As we coexist with Earth we thrive in health and benefit all Earth has to give. Mutual care and tending of the Earth with the Fae Folk only strengthens all benefits and bonds. Attract the fae. Bring them in to your garden. Enjoy the fae folk on your garden. The fae helping us take care of Earth which in turn brings joy to life and beauty in all which is shared with us. Enjoy.


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