Now that there is an awareness of Spiritually Evolved Animals being more often a part of our lives, I’m often asked to help identify if and how a person’s pet fits into this consciousness. I decided to share the stories of some animals I know and some I work with that operate within a category. Previously I wrote about Diesel, a Third Eye Dog. If interested, you can find this piece on the Edge Magazine website.

I’ve noticed recently I’m in the presence of more and more Caretaker Animals, so I guess they want their purpose to be explained and highlighted.           

Caretaker Animals live up to their title, known to be here to be a caretaker by assisting and supporting the energy of another. They usually are here to be a supportive energy for another animal they love. There are so many reasons they choose to be in a supportive role. Some are here because within the household is an elderly companion they will assist and support while in life and to transition. However, most are here to support those who are operating on another vibrational level and need extra support. Most commonly, they are in a family situation where they are the primary supportive energy for another animal. However, it’s becoming more common for them to be present to supply assistance and support to a person, rather than strictly an animal.

Though most Caretaker Animals I am aware of are dogs, they may choose to come in any animal form. Some I’ve known that were not dogs include a wolf within a pack that stayed in the outer peripheral property sending strong support and energy to a woman on her spiritual path. Another animal was a bearded dragon; that, as well, was a great spiritual support for the person the bearded dragon lived with.

The stories I decided to share just happen to be dog stories.

How do you know that the companion you share your life with is a Caretaker? Sometimes these beings appear to simply be a pet because they offer the companionable support a pet offers us. However, unlike a pet, the support they give is on a deeper level, often described as a spiritual connection. It’s common for their person to rely on their presence more than other pets they’ve owned. It doesn’t mean the relationship is lesser or greater than that with “just a pet,” but all people say it’s a different, important connection.

As a recap from my previous writing, here is the definition of Caretaker Animals and what their needs are.

Caretakers: These animals are in a place all of their own making. They come to assist other energy beings, both animals and people, by being a caretaker of energy and revitalizing energy levels of other beings. They may be a companion with people but usually live with other animal(s) as well as energy caretakers. They are some of the calmest animals, providing anchoring and health assistance to those they live with, especially other animals. They are often overlooked as being evolved because they seem too calm and self assured. However, they also benefit from modalities that will help keep their energy strong enough to continually offer support to others. Need: Though they appear calm, content, and in fine health, by using their energy to support others, they as well, deplete their own energy. So, they benefit from energy work and modalities that support these givers. Some ways we can support their energy while completing their work include nutritional support to keep their energy strong, praise and acknowledgement of them and their purpose, breath work, essential oils to help strengthen and release energy, and other suggested modalities.

 Now let me share the stories of three Caretaker Animals:

Murphy is a great joy to work with. He brings support and energy to his owner through just being a delightful presence. Usually, an owner may not realize how much the spiritual support given them by their animal provides the energy to just keep following through with a task. This is true also for Murphy. Murphy’s presence gives his person soothing energy when the stresses of following through with her mission seems too much. Though many believe this comes with pet ownership, it is different with a Caretaker. For Murphy, one of the differences is he energetically offers confirmation that his person is receiving clear messages and information. And he supplies extra energy when his person is tired or questions if the task at hand is worth continuing to pursue. Murphy’s energy is gentle, strong, supportive, and calm. In his particular case, he has suffered some physical challenges. It took some taxing life situations before he came to be with his person. He came to his family by way of their last dog, an Angel Being named Joey. Joey helped the family find and connect with Murphy. Unfortunately, before that ultimate connection, Murphy did find himself homed, homeless, re-homed, and in the wild. When they were finally united, he fit in as though he was always meant to be there. This, perfectly fitting in, is common with Caretakers when they find their family or companion home. In Murphy’s case, I offer Reiki treatments, oils, and some pendulum work. His general personal vibrational frequency level is 5.5. This means he is operating on a high spiritual frequency level, with strong spiritual connections and support of his own. One of the angels that works with Murphy is the family’s previous Angel Pet, Joey. Like so many Caretakers, Murphy has a secondary path. He is also an Emissary Animal. As an emissary his task is being a representative, with the purpose of bringing two groups together. The mission or errand usually assists with bringing together the spiritual to the physical. They are not here to work alone. It’s very common for them to be connected with another evolutionary group. With a mission to connect others, their early years are typically filled with gregarious behaviors that appear overly friendly. Often these behaviors are viewed negatively, rather than their trying to figure out how to initiate connection through friendly ways. It’s easy to misunderstand these beings. I can tell you, Murphy is a great companion animal for his family and a joy for me to know and work with.

Frida is a friend’s Caretaker Animal. I’ve had the privilege of dog sitting Frida when her companion is out of town. Like other Caretakers, she assists and supports her person to just live a better life. The support offered becomes an invaluable part of the person’s very existence. What would life be like without these valuable beings? Certainly not as calming, comforting, and sometimes challenging. Frida operates at a 5.5 personal vibrational frequency. Again, this means she has strong spiritual connections that support her along her path but also support her energy to have the energy to be present and supportive for her person. And again, like many Caretakers, Frida has a secondary purpose. When I think of Shapeshifters, I think of changing from one animal form into another. Frida is a shape shifter. However, her shifting talent is organic over animal. There are very few who have the energy to shift into organic form. If you knew Frida, you could understand how easily she shifts at odd times. When she sleeps, she’s like having a brick, rock, or log. This means she gathers some of her strength from Earth Mother herself through solid earthen matters. She may also be described as a tank and such things. Even though described in this way, she’s not a tank but rather solid mineral matter, earth matter like rocks, and living spiritual reaching energy as a tree. The Shapeshifting power has been around for centuries. It has been well discussed in tales about people. However, the skill began with animals, before being shared with people. Simply put, it is the ability to change from one shape into another. People have mastered the ability to change to other animal forms. However, animals have developed this skill on higher levels and are able to transform or change into any earth form. They can change to other animal forms, as well as plant, rock, gem, water, and other forms. This ability provides them with protection and to become a form provides temporary assistance in a moment for a chosen reason. There are as many reasons for an evolved animal to choose to change as there are forms for them to change into.

Ballou is another Caretaker I only met recently. Ballou was a Caretaker for an elderly family dog until that dog passed. Now his Caretaking skills provide support, assistance, and energy to his Third Eye companion and family. He is a gentle soul who just seems present. Like most Caretakers, the majority of the work he does goes unnoticed by those around him. The support and assistance are subtle and very behind the scenes. Like his peers he is not showy. He is an undercurrent strength. As yet I have not been introduced to his secondary skill. And like his peers, he operates on a personal vibrational frequency level of 5.5. His strongest connection he derives strength from is air and water. He enjoys gemstone infused water to drink. Something about him gives me the sense he may also be an emissary, but very different from Murphy. If I have this correct, his emissary quality is bringing and supporting the fae to live near his family. And if correct, I believe his greatest joy is drawing out the water spirits nearby to share their blessings.

I love discovering the Spiritual Animals among us and what and how the gifts and skills they share with us enrich our lives. I hope this provides you with a little insight about Spirit Animal Caretakers. Of course, these are the qualities of these specific animals and may be similar or vastly different from the lovely Spirit you live with.

Yes, I do Spirit Animal Consultations. And soon on my website will be a list of spiritually Evolved Animals and brief descriptions of those as yet identified. Let me know if I may help you.




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