How important is praise?

Praise is important. Praise is energy. The energy a person receives from sincere praise is positive energy that stimulates and affirms the value of a life and a path.

This energy fortifies the soul with positivity for health and growth. Positive praise energy supports a person’s spirit. This energy can also give ongoing supportive energy to a person as they face challenges or go through change. And this energy can provide just general overall joy leading to smiles, one day or many days.

However, living for the acknowledgment and need for praise from others can be detrimental to your personal growth and development. When acknowledgment
from others is given more importance than one’s own self-respect, wisdom, and wants, one’s personal purpose and direction will become second. When what others say determines your decisions and your direction, you are short-changing your own personal worth.

Even though personal praise and acknowledgment creates the higher order of self-worth, confidence, and a sense of self, self-compliment are also the more elusive type of praise. Self-praise is extremely important, yet how many people have learned to accept a compliment from another, let alone give praise to oneself?

Regrettably, rather than learning how to evaluate and receive honest compliments and praise, we learn to believe compliments are harmful. Rather than receiving energy from praise, we’re taught compliments and praise will give us a big head, and we’ll be arrogant, conceited, or pompous. Indeed, it’s true, that allowing praise can do this. When you allow something complimentary about you to become more prominent and what you are primarily focusing on, the prominence is so significant that authentic personal expression becomes second to this only partial truth. It’s a partial truth because a person cannot live every day trying to fit into a perfect mold.

Perfect molds leave no room for growth, change, or life’s frustrations, and sometimes perfection hampers new joys, especially simple ones. Self-compliment is the most important order of praise. Honest and deserved praise develops competence and wonderful self-esteem. Also being able to know how you feel about yourself and skills, you can develop and fortify self-resilience at times of distress. Another advantage to self-praise is the desire to share your joy with others. When you are comfortable with receiving praise, sharing honestly with others brings the desire to let others know their value and heartfelt spirit.

In turn, if you allow praise to be honest, clear, and in balance, the harmful effects of a compliment are less likely, and the positive effervescence of well-meant wonderful praise can take effect. Self-praise ought to be held in the highest regard.

Yet praise from others can also fortify and create resilience. More importantly, praise helps create, direct, and unite people in a positive common way. It’s desirable not to put all one’s worth in another’s praise or live only for another’s praise or need to live your quality of life based on requiring praise for existence. This shows a lack of personal value or an openness to experience a variety of life with comfort.

Praise can be a societal compass that helps direct what are important group standards. Even though praise is a compass, equally, evaluate how this praise fits into and supports your own path, growth, and purpose. Use praise to help build energy, strength, and resilience, and to your benefit, in balance with how well it supports your authentic self, your path and purpose, and how to help you be a balanced beneficial person in the world in which you live.

Allow honest and true praise to elevate your person and soul. Use praise to balance your existence and importance with the whole. Praise is valuable when it is honest and authentic. Gather authentic praise to benefit you, while releasing that which is not. Be wonderfully authentic so that the praise you receive is complimentary to you.

Be you!


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