Education, Certifications, & Such


PhD, Developmental Psychology, Union University. Areas of study included Creativity, Ethics, Leadership, Values, Spiritual Essence


Reiki: This energy method of healing can be provided in person or completed as distance healing. I offer Reiki sessions to both people and animals. Additional Reiki certifications I have include:

  • Animal Reiki enables me to work more effectively work with animals
  • Faery Reiki brings to my practice a light, grounded, earthen energy
  • Angelic Reiki opens my energy to angelic spiritual energy and high tens my angelic sight
  • Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher has enhanced my use of crystal energy and the ability to use it in my reiki session.

Animal Communication is a primary part of the work I do with all animals. I learned to understand the instinctual and evolved behavior of animals to help both the animal and the people in their life to understand the balance between inherited behavior and evolutionary learned thoughts and behaviors.


 Crystal Reader has been a skill I’ve used for years. I am able to learn for individual crystals and stones their value and contributions. I’ve used crystals for years in chakra healing with people and animal clients.

Pendulum Dowsing Master opened up another method to access spiritual information. I’ve expanded this technique to specialize in the use of pendulums specifically designed to use with pets, which enable more clarity and communication between you and your pet.

Sound Healer is where I learned to use several types of items to assist in the path of health, growth, and development. Using voice, singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, and more brings vibrational energy onto my work and sessions with clients.

Essential Oils have been something I’ve used for years to bring another level of energy and benefit to my work especially with animals.

Flower/Herbal Essences are another means of assisting people but especially animals along their path of growth and healing.

Angelic Numerology is an interesting way for angels to bring messages to us. Understanding the angelic messages we receive through numbers helps me with my path and also to interpret the messages for others.

Breathing Techniques are a powerful way to focus, increase energy, assist health, give a feeling of safety, reduce stress, bring energies to us, and center mediations. Breath work helps us in many ways and used on a regular basis brings much to our energy flow.

Color & Aura Therapy provides another indication of where a person is currently, areas that need healing, or direction the person may want to pursue. Along with my Intuitive skills, I clarify what the specific color around you is saying to and about you.

Color Therapy is how color can heal through a variety of different ways to heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

Work With the Angels is a source I’ve used to help me in my life. Through this skill I am also able to help you acquaint with your angels and help you understand how to work with them to assist in making decisions that include career, abundance, spiritual growth, family, and more.

Also Studied:

Earthing/Grounding is the practice of experiencing and creating grounding in life for health, spiritual connection, and general well-being.


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