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I used my intuitive skills before I knew I was an intuitive or learned how to keep myself in divine protection.

Early in life I was able to foretell or draw guidance to me.

Even things I foretold that seemed outrageous came to be. No, nothing extremely outrageous crossed my lips, but many things that the receiving person thought could not possibly happen came to pass. For example, I told a neighbor her dog was going to have puppies, even though the neighbor had an appointment to have her dog spayed and the animal showed no signs of pregnancy. I also told her the number and sex of each puppy. The pregnancy and birth of the puppies played out exactly as I had foretold.  This was one of many surprises I shared with family and friends.

Another example is from when I was in second grade. I’d been sick and upon returning to school, I needed to stay after for a couple of days to catch up. Usually I walked home the two miles with a group. However, since I was the only one who stayed after, I had to walk alone, and of course it was during winter when the sun sets early. So I walked home in the dark. As long as there were street lights, I felt just fine. However, close to home there was a four-block area without street light. The first night I cried and prayed because I was so scared walking those blocks. The second night, I stepped into the darkness and a half block in I was aware of a man walking behind me. I felt an unusual calmness the entire time he was behind me. If I stopped he stopped. I was in peace. As soon as I reached the street lights the man disappeared. I didn’t know about guides then, so I assumed it was my angel. Since I believed in Guardian Angels, I felt completely safe and thought this must be mine. Later I learned it was my Guide and not my angel. However what’s important was the complete calm and secure I felt during a terrifying time. To this day I know angels walk with me, and I see angels around others as well.

When I was a teenager my uncle came to live with us. My sisters and I were given a bedroom in the basement so he could have our room. We used a wardrobe to hold some of our clothes. One day I looked into the mirror on the wardrobe and saw reflected back to me a face that was not mine. Though I didn’t know the person in the mirror, there was a calm in the face, a calm I felt from the reflection. I remember the image in the mirror was large. Later when I went back to look, it surprised me the mirror was actually rather small in size. That’s when I became more aware of having guides and guardians, along with angels, around us to help us. I felt blessed. And even now, Now I realize how blessed I was to have a sense of knowing, trust, and security when seeing these spiritual beings, even then.

At one time I also used the Ouija board to hear messages. My fingers would fly across the board while someone logged the letters to be deciphered later. Again, the messages I received often came true. During one of the flying finger Ouija board predictions, the message was that one of the people there was going to face a significant move several months in the future. Much to their disbelief, in about nine months they moved to a small town miles away.

When in my adolescence I began to notice that none of my friends did, said, or experienced these types of things, I tried to ignore the thoughts that came to me that seemed psychic. However, no matter I tried to ignore my skills the messages just kept coming.

Though when young, I did not understand my skills, I did come to appreciate them. As an adult I took a class that enabled me to better understand and use my skills in beneficial ways and how to live in an always-protected state. I believe in good, evil, and mischievous spirits. Fortunately, I learned how to work with my guides and angels so I am always spiritually protected, and all the guidance I receive for myself or others is from the highest and finest. And because I’ve had my intuitive skills all my life I’ve also been presented with opportunities to learn new things that added to and enriched my life and skills. Being able to share my talents with individuals, groups, and pets is honoring and I am grateful I am so blessed.

I addition to my intuitive skills, I enjoy my connections with angels, faeries, animals, and all the other enriching newer learned areas. Please also check out my education and certification area to see some of the other skills that benefit those I work with.


Intuitive Readings:  In an intuitive reading you will receive information from the high beings around you, including your guides, guardians, angels, loved ones, and alike.  I offer both individual and group sessions. Contact me to schedule a reading or schedule on my web site.

  • Guides, Guardians, & Angels are with each of us. However not everyone is familiar with the high being here to assist them. Sometimes an intuitive reading can be to specifically help you communicate with your guidance or loved ones.
  • Spirit Animals & Familiars is another specialized type of intuitive reading which will acquaint you with your spirit animals and familiars and what they represent for you, as well as how to work with them.
  • Past Life Guidance and Readings can be done through different ways depending on your comfort. You may choose to personally learn of your past lives through guidance or during a specialized intuitive reading where I access the information for you.
  • Other Realm Readings are one way to hear from fae, angels, extraterrestrial, or other beings and energies.
  • Flower Readings are specialized readings that tell the intentions held by different flowers.
  • Aura and Color Awareness Readings tell you the colors and messages held in your aura and the colors that surround you.

Reiki is a from of energy healing that may be done in-person or more commonly over distance by sending the energy to you. In addition to healing energy Reiki, I am certified in

  • Faery Reiki brings to my practice a light, grounded, earthen energy
  • Angelic Reiki opens my energy to angelic spiritual energy and high tens my angelic sight
  • Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher has enhanced my use of crystal energy and the ability to use it in my reiki session.
  • Animal Reiki which enables me to effectively work with animals

House & Property Clearing &Blessings clears your living areas of stagnant, misunderstood, or other energy you wish to have freshened or released for your benefit.

Speaking and Workshops are also available on any of the skills and topics I work with. Please contact me to for more information.

Intuitive information comes quickly to me. Depending on the service all appropriate skills are engaged and may include a variety of areas not limited to: personal information and direction, colors around you and their meaning, stones and meaning, breathing, sound, pendulum dowsing, divination, and other skill areas.


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