Is life a dress rehearsal? Maybe? Though this is certainly not a definitive answer it is a true one, in my opinion. This is only my thought because each of us decides for ourselves if life is a dress rehearsal or not.

A few times while doing a reading I am asked this or a similar question. The answer the person seeks is often turned back to them after receive some additional information. Usually this question is connected with people wanting to know if what is happening on this life is connected to karma or if they take a certain action will those action, create future karma.

Another reason this question is asked is because not all people believe in reincarnation and want to understand how each action in this life impacts the next action in this life and how much does it matter. If you believe this is your only life, what is important is, how have your actions affected all around you? It seems important for each individual to live life from their center. How important is it to be the center of the world? It’s very important.

Being the center of the world does not mean everything revolves exclusively around you. Rather, being centered is simply a fulcrum point. If the center point does not maintain balance, all around it wobbles and tumbles. Therefore, being the center fulcrum point holds tremendous responsibility. It is the point which holds the responsibility for all around it. When the center does not act in a responsible manner, all around tumbles. Therefore, each of us, in this single life, hold great responsibility to all that is around us, including all we are leaving to future generations.

Then again, if your beliefs include reincarnation, you realize even more acutely how one soul’s actions are responsible for what is done in each life as well as that which connects all the soul’s lives. And along with the connection this one soul holds are the interconnections that happen between all the different energies in each life, along with those who reconnect from one lifetime to another.

What this could mean is not only is each life a kind of dress rehearsal but so are all the lives for each soul and those other souls interconnected. Existence is like a cross.



PAST                    FUTURE



This image demonstrates how the soul is at the center of the cross, that very center which connects all aspects of the beings past actions with future experiences in this life and with lives forthcoming and experienced.

Does this show that indeed life is a dress rehearsal? Not at all. It shows this life’s past is to be is connected to lives experienced, along with those to be yet experienced.

However, it does seem that within each experience there are elements of dress rehearsal. A dress rehearsal is a walk-through in preparation before the actual performance(s). The dress rehearsal is a practice, giving insight, to what to do so that the next performance is done at a higher level. Therefore, each action has some insight and knowledge of what might improve on and possibly be a preparation for our next steps in life performances.  —What this means is that each action we take affects and often helps determine all our next actions. So the questions are: What am I doing? What have I learned? What am I guided to do next? How has the knowledge of past experiences affected now and what do I plan or want to do? How does what I know from past lives been a part of this life life experience, path, desires, directions, and choices? How does what I am thinking of doing, planning, deciding to do, and decisions of what not to do affected me now? What am I walking away from, leaving undone, or avoiding?

All these questions may show that all life is a dress rehearsal for the next experience OR it may just show each action and experience is just a part of a whole. To me, lives past, present, future, and forthcoming are all intermixed with the only point of control and focus in the very center, present moment. Though past things and future desires influence the now they, are also not the now. Let them be a reflection and a goal to strive for and let what we’ve done in past lives and what we hope or plan to achieve in future lives touch the now but in balance with the now. Since the now is the only performance you really can actually be in, let the now be your point of performance, with all the rest being a part of your readiness and preparation. As in a good dress rehearsal be the foundation of how to improve on future performances.

These are thoughts laid out for you to decide if life is a dress rehearsal. So, what do you think?


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