I am becoming more and more aware of how many magical and mystical animals are in our world. Let me introduce you to yet another being that has magical power, yet may seem so common to us: the octopus.

Did you know octopuses have three hearts? The medical reason for their three hearts is a consequence of having an active lifestyle and their blue blood. Two of the hearts are peripheral and pump blood through the gills, while the central heart circulates blood to the rest of the body. 

In lore, another reason for their three hearts is because they are also solitary creatures. The three hearts provide them the power to maintain their sensitive nature, and energy to help others, and do so while living a sole existence. When their internal system supports their higher purpose, the ability for them to live as they are meant demonstrates their magical mystical connection. 

Earthen lore does not dispute the octopus’ need for multiple hearts. However, Earthen lore explains why the octopuses have multiple hearts and blue blood. The queen of the octopus is known as very sensitive, who offers mother-like protection. There are stories of her offering assistance to sailors and passengers, who have fallen into the seas. The fallen have been gathered into the arms of an octopus and brought to the safety of an island. As well, there are stories of the queen helping more than one creature adapt from life on land to living on the seas when life on land is no longer possible. One such tale is how the queen helped a young faerie maiden, who’d been cursed to a doomed life in the seas, to become a mermaid. In addition to their hearts, Earth Mother gave them blood the color of blue as a representation of their continued practice of living in a base of sensitivity, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith, and, most of all, trust and intelligence. As a result of this base, they have also been granted intuition, imagination, and inspiration, all to be expressed as a part of their role to provide assistance in a very free and open space: the seas. 

Octopus intelligence and adaptability are legendary. They can modify their genetic code to adapt to adapt to the colder waters if they need. In addition to three hearts, octopuses have nine brains that provide localized and centralized control over their actions. Each arm is capable of acting independently, meaning the octopus can taste, touch, and move without direct direction from the centralized brain. With each arm having independent brain action, octopuses are able to be very clever. They are able to complete mazes and complex tasks, and as well, they are known for being mischievous and ingenious. A part of their intelligence is their ability to figure out and use tools. 

Like many higher-functioning animals, octopuses are able to recognize people and decipher emotions so well that they can respond appropriately. And they are also known, to understand, from memory, who they can enjoy playing tricks on and who is too sensitive and will not respond well. 

A couple other skills they have is their adept skill as camouflage artists and masters of escape techniques. Their ability to change color in an instant and expand or retract skin texture rapidly, helps them blend and match their surroundings. Another means of protection is to impersonate threatening creatures near where they live, which helps them blend and appear menacing. And they build a city around their living area. Though they live a primarily solitary life, by building a city, it appears as though there are several living together: “power in numbers.” However for the octopus it is “power in imagined numbers.” How very clever! 

Their role in the deeps has been for centuries to watch over the seas. Earth Mother granted them many and varied skills to help those that need help to be provided to them by a compassionate, clever, sensitive, trusting, and intelligent creature. What all they are capable of is just becoming known by researchers. Though in years gone by, known by some sailors, honor was to be paid to these magical creatures. When the octopus skill was better known, many masts and figureheads had an octopus or at least included some form or sample of an octopus to honor and to ensure help. 

If you find yourself in need in the seas, call out and ask an octopus for help. Then to further honor them, please, share your story with the rest of us.


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