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Here is a list of some of the many things I offer.

Consultations: I receive many inquiries from pet owners asking for help with their pet or an animal about an issue or problem. As an animal intuitive who also works closely with a Spirit Animal Master, I can often offer assistance or direction. In addition to my intuitive skills, I’ve also studied animal behavior. Contact me with your concerns and lets find out what may be possibilities.

  • Note- Animals are close companions to us and often take on as much of our energy as able. The taking on of another’s energy happens with people that have a significance to us. This is no different with animals, especially pets. However, animals are less capable of releasing this unheeded energy. We can provide the means to help them keep the bonds with us, but release the unheeded detrimental energy. Just like us, this energy, not being their own, is not helpful and sometimes detrimental to them. Sometimes a dual approach is beneficial, something for the person and definite approaches to help the animal.

Readings: An animal intuitive reading provides guidance. It’s a specific attempt to discern information to gain insights and information about your pet. My heightened perceptive abilities and spiritual center use of all my senses and natural instincts to connect with the divine, angels, guides, guardians, and all to gain insights about your pet. I work with living as well as those pets who have passed on. Often people want to know how a very beloved pet is doing in the afterlife. In addition, through readings I’m able to help identify Animal Healers,  Angel Pets among us, and other areas of interest of both people and animals.

Reiki: Reiki is an effective energy healing technique. It helps balance energy, remove energy blocks, and release negative energy. Though a very common energy healing technique for people, animals also receive significant benefit from Reiki. Its important to remember, pets, by living with us, absorb some of our energy and thus benefit from energy healing. I find Reiki to be a gentle healing modality that assists pets with achieving full body relaxation and revitalization, while working on the whole: body, emotions, mind, and spirit. The result is a pet experiences relaxation, peace and security, while also benefiting by receiving energy to help physical issues. I am trained in traditional Reiki, Faerie Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Angel Reiki, and sometimes I will use stones too as an energy assist with a Reiki session.


  • Note—only some pets remain calm and still while receiving Reiki. More common is that pets move around, adjusting to receiving the positive effects of Reiki. A skilled practitioner is able to hold the energy even as the pet is on the move.

Oils: Plants have been used for centuries as an effective way to help with life issues. These powerful natural plant materials provide benefit to the body, mind, and spirit through cleansing, soothing, preserving, and fortifying. Only some essential oils are ingestible, with most being for external use. And many oils are not suitable for pets. When using oils, it is essential to use organic, consistently pure quality oils that meet the highest standards. I only use pet friendly oils that meet the high demands pets need. They can be used for many reasons and in several ways. They can be used topically, a few internally, with charms, and with pet pendulums.


  • All the oils I use are blended with a carrier oil so they are not too intense for your pet. Pets have very sensitive energy and whole oils can overwhelm their system. The primary causes I use oils include: Lavender calm, Lemongrass general well-being, Helichrysum bonding, Frankincense service/healer, and Peppermint digestion. I usually also have Lemon, Grapefruit, Grapefruit/Spearmint, Lavender/Aspen, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Chamomile, Chamomile/Lavender, and Eucalyptus/Helichrysum.
  • Contact me to discuss the oil and method best for your pet and you. Some oils are considered too hot and not animal-appropriate. Some can be used when blended properly. Use caution, don’t trust just anyone for oil for your pet.

Herbal Elixirs: Herbal and flower alchemy is a powerful, sustainable natural remedy. It is the practice of extracting the life-force energy from plants. Plants contain the highest concentration of life-force, “chi.” It can be used internally or externally. This effective elixir works on people, animals, and plants. However, when using elixirs, to ease stress, dis-ease, and more to gain ease, happiness, clarity and other benefits, for animals, it is essential to use the highest quality product. The elixirs I use are organic, highest quality, and of high vibration. Since pets are more sensitive than people it is crucial to use quality products, as are the ones I use. As well, to ensure their benefits without overwhelming pets, I usually dilute the elixirs. Elixirs tend to work quickly and increase benefits over time. Specific elixirs I mix are used to encourage peace, calm, security, joy, release of grief, and more. Ask me if any of these elixirs will help your pet. Not all elixirs are pet-friendly—I only use animal quality and beneficial elixirs. Another benefit to elixirs is their gentleness; only the needed energy is absorbed into the systems and unnecessary energy is easily released. For occasional benefit, I will mix oils and flower essences to maximize benefits. Since it is difficult and not always necessary, I seldom mix the two and only with great care.

  • Difference between Oils and Elixirs: The Herbal/Flower elixirs have no scent. Elixirs work through the internal meridian system and essential oils are more aromatic. Elixirs need a smaller amount of plant material for extraction than oils need for distillation. Flowers are usually hand collected for elixirs and for oils often collected by machine. Both processes are beneficial for the intended purpose. I’d be happy to discuss with you which methods and way to use would benefit your pet, and even you.

Charms: Charms are of resin design with a felt ball that holds a pet-friendly oil or oil/herb mix. These charms, with only 1-2 drops of oil, hang on the pet’s color or in a pet area. The benefit to using a charm is its continual delivery of the chosen oil essence benefits to an animal. In addition to placing a charm on a color, bridal or the like, a charm can be placed, pinned, other ways on animal bedding, cage, or anywhere near their area. The charms come in a wide variety choices of colors, themes, and images. Contact me to find out what I have or can get.


Pet Pendulums: This innovative product, new to the pet industry, helps access information and has been well tried and found effective. I’ve done quite a lot of research and had others try out this great product. The pendulums can be used in a variety of ways. First, like the charms, they hold essential oil that delivers many benefits. As well, they can be further calibrated to your pet, which opens more ways to connect with the animal. In addition, with a second-step calibration, you can access information about your pet.

  • I offer pet pendulums from a couple different artists. They are all one of a kind, with different styles, designs, stones, and energy. Contact me to find out what I have on hand or can have created just for you.
  • And lastly, through the ease of a workshop, learn how, with full calibration, you can gain information long distance about your pet.


Michele talks with Devine Central about how to use your pet pendulms.


Other Products:

  • Teas—Just like for people teas have multiple benefits for pets. The teas must be organic, animal quality and brewed properly. Most teas, because of the blends and additives, are not appropriate for animals. The teas I carry are of the highest quality and are pet-friendly teas. Each tea bag comes with benefits and instructions about brewing the tea. Each bag can be used for about 4 brews but should be used at least twice for the most benefit. The teas I offer include: Peppermint – digestion, Chamomile – soothing, Chamomile/Lavender relaxing, anti-microbial, Lemongrass – immune booster, Lavender – relaxing.
  • Musings—You will also find my writings about animals on this page and in future postings.
  • Workshops, Speaking, and More—I am available for speaking and conduct workshops on a regular basis. If you know of an event or sight that would benefit from any of these areas, please let me know.

I’ve intuitively worked with people all my life. It became a natural extension and joy to include working with animals and the faerie realm as a part of my gifted and honoring skills. Please let me know how I am be able to assist you and your pet.


*** All products are vibrationally tuned to be of the highest quality energy.***



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