What do you do when you know you are shining from your core? How aware of your shine are you? Are you too concerned about appearing ego-centered if you acknowledge your shine?

 It seems to me we are born with talents, gifts, and abilities that are shine worthy. As well true, some people view who they are and how they shine as the most important thing to happen in the entire world. Your shining should be important to you. It’s wonderful when others notice your shine. And in turn, it’s glorious to notice another’s shine.

 Though shining is wonderful, few really believe or sense their own shine. In part I believe we’ve been taught to be humble. Humble means “having a modest or low estimate in one’s importance.” Another definition of humble is “believing one is low in social rank, dignity, and importance.” It seems to me we’ve been taught it’s important we place ourself in a lower class. Rather, I’m saying use the prior definition and place yourself as having a modest estimate of one’s importance. Not low, but modest, because if we all shine, know our shine, and see another’s shine, we are a part of a whole. This part of a whole gives us a modest importance in the whole.

 Yet it is important to shine. The world is brighter and our goodness shows. When we recognize and truly shine from our core, we want to also acknowledge others’ shine.

 Shining from your core is recognizing how you are important: knowing your unique skill, talent, ability, etc., and feeling honored by that uniqueness. Mine is as a natural intuitive. There are many other initiatives. I am grateful for this ability and still humbled that I have this skill. My feelings come from within my heart, my soul. I feel very honored.

 I’ve known and met so many with other shines. Some know how they shine. To name a few: teachers, nurses, doctors, ministers. This is not to say all in these careers know they shine. It’s sad, however, when people only see their shine through a career or job. Some people who shine are mothers, fathers, friends, teacher’s aids, editors, store clerks, nursing assistants. The shine is not the position you occupy, but how you believe you shine. It’s that deeper feeling about you that you know from your core. It’s how you connect with your core, your soul to such an extent you experience its deep importance with you and your identity.

 We easily discount our shine. “Oh, I’m just a mother.” What could be greater than being a mother with joy and pride? Or that same belief in self and how you interact with the world that deeply connects you with who you are and that wonderful self-identity you’d like others to sense about you. It’s not about bragging. Rather, it’s about what you hold in your heart, soul, core that shines forth from you that you know this good about you and that others might also sense about you.

 The greatest challenge to shining from your core is deferred dreams. Deferred dreams mean you may not need to be actively pursuing your dreams now. Sometimes just living life right now takes precedence. For example, wanting to be a world traveler may not be possible to balance with your raising your young children. Returning home to care for an ill parent can, as well, interrupt a dream. These and many other life situations that have priority now may keep you from being currently active in your dream. However, deferred dreams are not the same as abandoned dreams. You can keep a deferred dream alive by remembering and, when able, doing something that supports that dream.

 Our dreams are very much a part of our shine. Dreams are messages from our core of what we are, how we see ourselves, and how we want to be seen and identified. So it’s important to listen to your dreams, consider them, and act on them. Listening to and evaluating your dreams is a part of your shine. Dreams are your shine in progress.

 Very few can shine all the time. Therefore, to be able to shine from your core is precious. But when you do shine, you are glorious to see.

 If you recognize what you like about you, it’s your shine. Many of us have more than one shine. Those shines change through life. Now that my daughter has a family of her own, my motherhood shine is far more low-key. I also treasure my good friends. I certainly hope I shine when with my treasured friends and they sense that shine.

 So why don’t people shine more? Are you happy with your life? Do you feel like you live life? Do you have unlived dreams? Are you depriving yourself by holding yourself back? More than your own, are you living another’s dream or life for them or you? Do you diminish your shine because it doesn’t seem important enough?

 If you aren’t aware of your shine, take time to review and reflect on how you want to shine. When noticed, what shine about you do you want others to see or sense? When shine seems too distant, it’s a good time to take steps to help make them real, your real, your reality. Use a vision board, affirmations, reflection, and other steps to remind and reinforce who you are at your core.

Shining from your core is a community event. As much as you shine, so you want to know of others’ shining cores. It’s a brighter world, kinder world, and more beautiful world as we all have our times when we shine from our core.

 Most importantly, shining from your core is a state of being. It’s being in peace, self-happiness, contentment, self-awareness, and more. The more you shine, the more you are being and shining. It’s quite difficult to maintain a core state of being. But when there, you also bring these qualities to others. Others gravitate to people who shine. And likewise, when you are near another who shines, it’s common to be drawn to them. There is a certain peaceful state that is the result of shining from your core.



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