It’s always been a great pleasure and honor to have the skills to be able to work with animals. Over the years, however, I’ve noticed how I work with animals has evolved and changed in part to advancing my skills, but mostly because the animals we interact with are changing.

Only occasionally does an opportunity to work with wild animals occur. I’ve noticed even wild animals are adapting and adopting more sophisticated behaviors in response to living so closely near people. They’ve become more cleaver and creative in finding shelter and food. However, as they become more aligned to our habits, they lose or adapt previous innate instincts that help them live in their native natural environment. It was once easier ask for spirit’s help to demand rodents live out of our home and have it done. It’s as though they feel more entitled to stay and expect us to continue to feed and shelter unwanted critters. Raccoons have become more emboldened from eating trash and, hence, lost their fear of family pets with a will to fight to establish dominance.

 Gladly though, most of my work is with domesticated animals. Domesticated animals live in close association with people and are no longer able to live in the wild. Over years of dependency on people, they are dependent on their basic needs being met. This group includes working animals, farm animals, beasts of burden, and even pets.

Though I’ve worked some with domesticated animals, most of my work has been with pets. Pets are considered to be any domesticated animal that is tamed and kept as an affectionately cared for companion.

Even my work with pets has evolved over time. The most significant change has been how family pets have evolved. Though most pets are still animals whose biggest adaptation is complete dependence on people for daily care and needs, some are now coming to us with even higher spiritual energy.

Studies show that pets who are simply our dependent companions have evolved so they better understand out language, both verbal and nonverbal. Though they do not yet understand our language, they have learned simple word communication and voice tone and inflection to be able to grasp some meaning and intent. Animals have done more to learn to adapt to live effectively in our world than we have adapted to learn how to live with their nature in ours. They’ve formed bonds with people that ensure their survival. One primary way pets have adapted is to adopt behaviors favorable to people. They learn what we want in companionship and show more unconditional acceptance with people than people do with one another. Animals that have been abused will often still seek out attention from people, even when they also have some fear of people. They show a desire to be close to people in a variety of ways depending on their species. For example cats in the wild do not purr or vocalize like pet cats. Camels will nuzzle their driver, as horses will their owner.

 Of all domesticated pets, the dog-people bond has shown the greatest evolution. Dogs became the first companion animal. And dogs’ brains and digestive systems evolved in ways very similar to people. Some suggest dogs more easily became companion animals because both wolves and people have similar pack instinctual natures. Over time, grey wolves evolved from a wild species into a domesticated species that devolved companionable traits. No other animal has been so thoroughly integrated into our society and proved as companionable with people.

Over the years I’ve noticed more societal and spiritual changes occurring in all pets,  Although, most noticeable, many changes are first obvious in dogs than in other species. And as more dogs demonstrate connections with higher spiritual guidance, as well so do other pet species. There are some who believe as we spiritually evolve so do pets. As people aligned with spirit they attract more guidance to them. As a result pets come into our lives to support our spiritual growth and provide spiritual guidance and connection. Many pets are still companionable animals who depend on us, give us unconditional love and acceptance, while maintaining inherent behaviors.

Now, however, we also have many special animals who’ve come to share our world with us in very exceptional ways. I know I’ve had the privilege to work with only a few of these very special beings. As well I know I’ll be working with more and discovering even more ways how these special beings are here to assist us.

 The privilege of working with some very powerful animal masters has informed me of some of the powerful beings we now have here to assist us. Some of the types of special animals we now have here with us include angel animals, 3rd Eye Beings, guides, and workers.

 Let me explain to you these few categories of special animals and what they mean to us.

Worker animals are on the lower end of evolved animals. They are here as generalists to show us how to love and respect one another. They’ve done the most to adapt their behavior to influence the pet people bond and mutual wellbeing. These pets show more interaction and connection than their pet counterparts. Though we see this more in the familiar cat and dog pets, other pets have shown us connected behaviors. For example some people share how responsive their fish is to them by allowing itself to be stroked. And another example includes a hamster that developed tricks on its own to bring joy to its person. Some worker animals are used in service or support to give peace and joy to people.

Guide animals are spirit animals that have the unique ability to show people, through symbols and signals, how to connect with spiritual guidance. Some are animal spirit guides who incarnate into physical bodies. Their desire is to develop dynamic relationships strong enough for people to understand them as teachers and messengers providing guidance, lessons, power, and wisdom. Each animal that comes as a guide animal may take on a physical form very different from the animal energy they represent. The meaning they share aligns with the spirit of their original animal spirit. They often do not come in their original form because not all animal forms, such as a bear, can live with people. Yet their guidance and meaning support the qualities and direction of a person’s spiritual growth.

Third Eye Beings are a category I’ve recently begun to work with. They are very complex spiritual beings that operate on very high spiritual energy. For animals, its one of the higher expressions of companion physical form. However, even though they are spiritually highly evolved, by occupying an animal physical form they also bring many complex issues into their lives and that of their family. Their primary purpose is to help us connect with inner guidance, create spiritual growth, recognize connections, share insights, foster insights, and understand power from within as it connects to universal good. It’s common for Third Eye pets to have been in more than one home before aligning with their purpose and finding their place. Therefore, often people are not aware they have a complex pet until they bring them into their family. It’s important they have work that supports their purpose and a family that understands their complex nature. When they are aligned with their purpose, they help people awaken to their higher spiritual energy. They are quite unique and magically wonderful beings. Some of the jobs these pets have includes working with a minister, offering healing energy on a large scale, and supporting insightful realizations by their people.

Another high spiritual pet I’ve had the privilege to work with has been angel animals. This is the highest order of animal beings. These are angels who have chosen to incarnate into animal form to assist us along our path. They choose animal form because of the unique bond and support they can give, innate to the pet-people relationship. They help us accomplish complex tasks and fulfill higher purposes. Though a person may not see what they are doing as significant, in the heavens what is to be accomplished is for a greater long-range purpose. Commonly, they bring strength and spiritual healing to people. The energy they share is not always immediately sensed by the people they work with. Rather, the powerful energy they share has a subtle but profound impact that is experienced gently over time. These gentle souls are the most unique. A primary reason they choose to come in animal form is to achieve better understanding: to better understand how to support us along our spiritual path, growth, and purpose.

There are many ways to acclimate and support your special animal. Some of the beneficial techniques include: healing energy to keep their energy strongly attuned, sound healing, breathing, essential oils, flower essences, gem informed water, and most importantly, tender loving care. 

What I have noticed with each of these special animals is they choose the person or people who will share companionship with them. Each is here to assist us live our life in a more highly developed spiritual manner. It takes a special person to be willing to welcome any of these special animals into their world. They are more complex and more challenging to live with than their pet counterparts. If you have one of these very special souls in your world, please know how to be the best companion to them so they can be their best soul expression while here on earth.


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