Never had I thought of a bug, like a cicada, as being anything special. That’s what is so interesting about my work with the fae; they’re sharing how cicadas are mystical creatures was new information to me. 

As said, I have not thought of a cicada as a mystical animal until very recently. In the past, I’ve viewed cicadas as big summer bugs with a unique sound. I grew up hearing their song, especially while at my grandmother’s house where she called them darning needles. To me, even though their song was interesting, they were big and ugly. 


However, in the last couple months I’ve been given many signs that I might want to rethink my previous impression. First, a cicada wing was given to me, then a full cicada body, and I also found a few sitting on my front step. I began wondering why, all of a sudden, after years of not seeing or ever thinking of cicadas, several have come to me in different ways? What could this mean? 

Ask and the information sometimes comes. In this case it came very clearly to me. My fae friends shared their wisdom. Cicadas are another spiritually mystical animal. Previously, I only thought of mystical animals as those we hear about but which are not seen, like unicorns, gryphons, or dragons. I now know there are many mythical animals here in physical form. Let me share with you what I’ve recently learned about the mystical spiritual essence of cicadas. 

Cicadas are represented in many cultures, most commonly the Native American and Greek lore. They are believed to bless crops by bringing an abundant yield, by letting it be known when crops are ready for harvest. 

It is important to not confuse cicadas with locusts and grasshoppers. Locusts and grasshoppers are insect cousins, known to come in hordes and destroy crops. For example, in July 1931, a plague of grasshoppers devastated midwestern crops in the midst of a drought. And in 1874, a horde invaded the Great Plains and destroyed 2,000,000 square miles. As recently as three years ago in India, swarms of locusts destroyed crops and disrupted life. It is important to mention that the devastation brought on by these invaders should not be lumped with cicadas. It is true, one species of cicadas have a periodical emergence every 13-17 years, where they come above ground by the thousands. During these times, they are considered an annoyance because of the noise they make and the harm they bring to young trees. However, they are generally considered non-harmful, do not bite, and even bring blessings to those who believe in their mystical powers.

As mentioned, when in a horde, cicadas’ song is annoying. Even though cicadas are common, it is only one species that populate as a horde in this emergence cycle, causing this annoyance, rather, earthen lore claims the cicadas’ song is not only connected to the weather’s temperature, it is more importantly connected to ocean tides and moon phases. Therefore, their song is considered a mystical voice with concealed messages.  

For an insect, they have an unusually long life span and have thus become symbolic for immortality. They are also a symbol of resurrection, because they live underground where they grow for years before they mature enough to move above ground, as a nymph to further grow, mate, then return to below ground to lay their eggs. Their song brings with it spiritual ecstasy, synchronicity, and harmony with the universe. When perplexed, it is said listening to a cicada’s song, will bring forward clever strategies. They are also known for bringing abundance by announcing when crops are ready for harvest, pruning trees, aerating soil, and, with death, their body returns much needed nitrogen back into the soil.

Cicadas are earth-bound nymphs when above ground and have all the glory of wing and song. With wings they are able to touch heaven’s sky and are able to sing the wisdom of the heavens through song. It is for their song and wings that the heavens bestowed them mystical blessings. With such blessings, using them on pottery or carrying a carcass brings personal blessings. Another way they share their nurturing blessings is by being a food source for birds and other predators. On a human level, because of their mystical power, cicadas bring forward personal change, renewal, rebirth, and transformation. And for musicians they are said to bring abundance and success through song. 

It is important to note that cicadas come out in the warmth of summer. This association with summer is a sign of their power to bring forward abundance. It is summer’s end  that symbolizes cicadas’ ability to bring a bountiful harvest that is the result of transformation and change through growth, with abundance as the gift.  

The Hopi believed some ancestors were in insect form that was used to connected them with earth and sky spirits. Thus the cicada was given its name which means spirit-being.  

Until my earthen friends captured my attention, I had not realized cicadas’ mystical side or the depth of their spiritual essence. I thank my friends for enlightening my awareness of these mystical beings, and thus the ability to share this information with you about the cicadas as spiritual mystical beings.




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