It’s said this is the most wonderful time of the year. At least that’s what we’re told in a song. I’m not sure if it is or not and if others would agree. And I’m not sure why this is considered such an exclusively wonderful time of the year more than any other. Why is Christmas held higher than Easter or any of our National holidays?

          Also I believe for many this is not such a wonderful time. There are all sorts of struggles that come with the holiday; financial, relationships, loneliness, and such.

          Yet this is also a very festive time for many. I personally like this time of year. For me it is a wonderful time and with all the festive activities, a fun time of the year. Since childhood I’ve loved the festive atmosphere the comes with Christmas. I remember my parents bringing the family downtown to see decorated department store windows. And shopping for gifts for others was also a delight. I loved trying to figure out what would be appreciated by my parents, grandmother, and each sibling. At first, of course, my parents money provided my ability to be generous. Then after, earning my own money by babysitting, it was my own funds that decided how generous I was able to be.

          Of course, along with seeing the window displays, were the other holiday activities. For years there were Christmas concerts at school. And my parents taking us to midnight mass. And as well, there was doing more winter activities with family and friends; sledding, singing carols, ice skating, and more. There were so many activities that created closeness. This time of the year was wonderful because it created closeness of family and friends and seasonal fun.

          Then another part of the holidays that was really enjoyable was exchanging gifts. It’s not until years later I realized these early year activities, became a foundation for me. I enjoyed giving well chosen gifts as much as receiving thoughtfully given gifts. Like so many, I’ve given and received gifts that were given because I chose that name in the name-draw or for other reasons connected to obligation. Gifts of equal obligation often held less fun. These gifts given were done with less thought and generally less joy able to give or receive.

          Though giving from the heart and receiving from loved were the ones that created the merriest spirit. Through the years my income has had its ebbs and tides. Deciding how generous I could be, depended on budgetary considerations. Always the amount of overall money I had determined how able I’d be to choose thoughtful gifts. The tighter years meant my thoughts and choices were smaller. Then in years when I felt more flush, I could feel more relaxed, when searching for that great gift. Yet it was always a joy to receive what another thought was a perfect gift for me. This exchange of joyously giving and receiving completes an energy circle, which in turn does make this
time of year wonderful.

          Another activity I’ve enjoyed is caroling with friends. The songs are festive and singing in a group comforting. It’s comforting to me because I don’t have a pleasant solo voice. Luckily I get to sing with some talented people who drowned out my less pleasant voice. Honestly it’s the group enjoyment that fills me with cheer. It’s this cheer that helps
this be a wonderful time of year.

          And best of all, this time of year brings family together. For some these gatherings may not bring great joy. Fortunately for me, gathering with family does bring joy. I love being with my daughter and her family. It’s wonderful sharing time with son-in-law and grandchildren. And those years we aren’t spending Christmas together I am fortunate enough to have time with some siblings and their families. Sharing time with family is a very special way that this is a wonderful time of the year.

          Growing up Christian, meant it was a time to celebrate with my spiritual community. This continues to be important to me. Celebrating my spirituality is certainly a significant way this is a wonderful time of the year.

          I’ve seen pictures and statues that show Santa bending his knee to the baby Jesus. Though I know this is not possible (Santa comes much later), I do like the image and know the fae community honor spiritual practices and support people having spiritual expression. So in honor of my fae friends, I find this to be a wonderful time of the year.

          I am aware it’s not a great time of year for some. However, I’m very grateful for me, it is a wonderful time of the year. Also true, I have many other wonderful times during a year. Having wonder in life and wonderful times of the year give me such gratitude for the life I am blessed with. So I will celebrate this wonderful time of this year and hope you do as well.

Happy holidays to you and yours. Have a wonderful time of the year.


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