Dragons are wonderful mythical beings that I’ve written about before. And now I’m writing about a close relative of theirs who lives in nature: the dragonflies and damselflies.

The tales from the fae, say dragonflies and damselflies were brought to our realm when dragons became threatened and nearly extinct to remind us that the larger relative can be very gentle. The fae consider dragonflies and damselflies to be their gift to us, not only as a reminder, but as well to keep the magic energy of dragons active in our world. They are considered messengers from spirit guides, whose purpose is to strengthen and reveal magical pathways. It’s easy for them to represent spirit since they represent and touch all elements: earth, water, air, fire, and spirit. Though there are differences, our culture tends to group the dragonflies and damselflies together under the one word: dragonfly.

Not all tales show dragonflies as wonderful beings. Some cultures believe dragonflies were sent by Satan to cause mischief. And in some cultures they are known as witches’ animals. However, in most cultures they are seen as mystical, magical, and spiritual creatures. In other cultures, they represent change, rebirth, happiness, good luck, prosperity, and insight.

If you’ve read my previous article about dragons, you’ll know that dragon energy has also touched all the elements because dragons originated in water, then lived within the Earth, before walking upon Earth, to lastly flying the skies. Though dragonflies have not lived as dramatic a life, they have touched all the elements. Like dragons, dragonflies begin life in an egg. With eggs laid in water, their life begins in water (water element). When they mature they move to land (Earth element), where dragonflies lay in the sun to warm and dry (fire element). Dragonflies’ energy comes from the energizing rays of sun that invigorates their iridescent wings as they fly in the skies (air element). And lastly, they share the spirit element by bringing us magic, good luck, prosperity, and messages.

In many cultures the differences between dragonflies and damselflies is more widely recognized than in ours. No matter the differences, in most cultures, both dragonflies and damselflies are considered a good luck omen. Much of the lore is for both, so from here on they will be referred to as dragonflies, unless identifying differences between the two.

The lore in many cultures is similar. Dragonflies have two sets of wings so angels and fairies can ride upon their backs. If you make a wish when you see one, that wish will come true. They bring fortune, plenty, and blessings to anyone fishing; when there is a swarm it is a sign that there are plenty of fish. For some, they are a symbol of mental and emotional maturity through understanding the deeper meanings of life. When pondering the wisdom of a situation, call on the dragonfly to help avoid traps of deception and false hopes.

Dragonflies bring messages from spirit and loved ones. If a dragonfly crosses your path and is far off your reach, they are telling you there are insecurities and to look deeper and ask for wisdom to know what is in the best path. Or they signal that you have an area in your life that needs hard work, more experience, and trust in yourself for you to experience growth as a result. And when a dragonfly visits around a loved one’s death, the loved one’s soul is taking form to fly or enjoying a ride to the higher realm.

Dragonflies want to send you the strength to think, have the ability to think on your feet, and make quick changes as you need. As shown through their life, they symbolize and represent self-realization, an association with change, transformation, adaptation, and connection with true self.

The beauty they show through their various colors are a reminder of their relationship to dragons. Also, like their relative, they are considered fierce fliers. Yet, their wings are iridescent to let us know they are considered lesser beings to their mighty counterpart, the dragon. As well the wings are light and airy so as not to draw too much attention to themselves so they will remain humble servants to spirit and not as mighty as their large relative. One way they are like the dragon is their need for vast amounts of energy for life and flight. When both dragons and dragonflies are honored they bring wisdom and connection to spirit.

Though there are many similarities between the two, there are also differences. Both have two sets of wings. And both have enlarged eyes, which are said to help them see through the realms of the veil, to see in whatever element they find themselves, and to see angels and fae in need of transportation. Dragonflies are considered stronger, bulkier, shorter, whereas damselflies are considered more closely related to water nymphs, the water sprites, with slender bodies to glide above water. A damselfly body is smaller, looks more like a twig, in honor of the early earth dragons.

Now you know when you see either a dragonfly or damselfly you are being visited by a special being that represents both our connection to earth life and spirit, both fae and angels. If they are bringing you a message, listen carefully and look for the signs and symbols meant just for you to aid you along your path, with your growth, and to bring you prosperity.


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