Forgiveness may be one of the hardest actions a person can undertake. It is done by choice and can be freeing.

 From several sources, forgiveness is defined as the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. Forgiveness is very different for each person. Though in general it means an intentional decision to let go or cancel resentment and anger connected with an act of forgiving an action, hurt, flaw, mistake, or offense done to you by another. Forgiveness is defined as to stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone for something done to you.

 There is often an implication that forgiveness cancels another’s actions and is said to be a process. However, per Christian practice, forgiveness is not a process but a transaction. The transaction comes with the belief that Jesus’ blood is payment in full for every wound a person has suffered or will ever suffer. 

 Wow and Ouch, this makes forgiveness sound as though all actions are canceled and honestly more benevolent than I initially feel when I’ve been hurt. And the idea that when a person is deeply hurt by another, the spilling of Jesus’ blood makes all things right again is a hard practice to follow for many of us. So this begs the question, why write about forgiveness?

 I don’t believe forgiveness exactly excuses or cancels a person’s action as though they never happened. I especially don’t believe forgiveness is about canceling the actions of a person who has no regard for another’s well being. Simply, a bad wrongful act is a bad wrongful act. Also true is that each action has its own impact on the wounded person. Therefore its important to not diminish your action as not a big deal when indeed it has huge impact on the wounded person. The impact is defined only by the one wounded and not the offender.

 Sadly too, no matter the small or mistaken some actions are, some people hold a grudge and will forever more. This is something not in the control of the person who did the transgression, only the one offended. But then again, isn’t forgiveness always in the power of the person who has been the receiver of an offense? And it’s in this power I write.

 Though forgiveness may mean to cancel actions, hurts, mistakes, etc. done by someone, as well this may not automatically happen. Since I have done things that adversely affected another’s well being, I’d like others to forgive my hurtful actions that I am aware of and feel remorse for. Generally I don’t mean to hurt another. Yes I have, do, and most likely will again. However, I believe most of my actions are not the type of action that leaves deep painful wounds on another. And I as well, I also believe it is important for me to forgive another who has not meant to significantly hurt my well-being. This type of forgiveness happens often between people. This everyday forgiveness happens with more ease than when the actions create a deep core wounding impact on the wounded person.

 I do not ask people to consider giving forgiveness as an all-complete cancelation of any and all transgressions, but rather to understand how forgiveness is a choice and can be freeing, even when the actions have created a deep impact.

 Forgiveness is a choice because no matter the depth of impact, the wounded person can choose to release the hold the action has over their energy.

It’s important to remember forgiveness is not necessarily forgetting the action, though when the action doesn’t have deep significance, it’s beneficial to fully release the action. Also true though, when the same minor action continually happens, its not just one minor action but has grown into a compounded, much larger action.

 When an action leaves a deep profound core imprint, it is not an action to necessarily be forgotten. However, even an action to not be forgotten can be forgiven. This means you are the one to decide the extent and depth of the impact the action has upon you.

 Some actions have lesser impact and can more easily and readily be released from your energy. However, the type of action that requires more forgivable action often creates a potentially lasting block, thread, wound, or hurt within our energy.  It’s the actions that leave a more significant impression on our energy that need more work before the blocks become more significant. These blocks can also send out threads that connect to other blocks or connect with another thread that binds energy’s freedom. As individuals, we have more personal power, strength, and freedom when our energy experiences the power to know full freedom. Forgiveness is freedom.

 Forgiveness, as a choice, is the action of deciding how much effect and impact you choose to allow yourself to carry with you again and again from one day to the next. This forgiveness is about your freedom from continued impact while, when appropriate, not forgetting the person’s action. Some actions are important to remember because it is deep and profound and imprinted on your core. These actions require time to heal. While needing time is heal is important, remaining stuck and sinking in the pain despair creates causes a limit to personal freedom and full use or your energy.

This forgiveness is a conscious choice, where you decide to not allow the impact of the actions done by another on you, to limit your life or how much to legitimately limit your life. Give yourself time to heal your wounds. Healing time is important and part of being able to choose the freedom to forgive. It’s when the healing is complete enough that you can decide you no longer need to carry another’s actions that limit you by creating a limiting impact on your everyday life, day after day.

 This forgiveness releases the blocked energy that hampers your freedom to have your full energy as a full part of your life. it may be very important to remember who committed the act and what the act is, you don’t want to be prey to another. Yet you can decide to choose to not have the actions control you, but allow yourself the freedom to, when important, remember the action, while still not allowing the action to block and control your life. Forgiveness is freedom to have your whole entire energy free for you to use as you desire, without holding limits imposed by another’s actions. Your choice, your freedom.


          Choose freedom.      


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