I am a Natural Intuitive, and have been one since even before I understood what being an intuitive meant. As an intuitive I receive information from the other realms. For me that means the information received comes from only the High and Fine – Masters, Angels, Guides, Guardians, Teachers, the Other Realms, and so on. I work closely with all of them to ensure the information I receive is from the highest and finest sources. Since I also believe in evil, it’s very important to me to be careful about whom I allow to send information to me. Therefore, I work very closely with the Masters, my Guides, Angels, and the Supreme to ensure I only receive from the highest and finest.

In addition to being an intuitive, I am also well educated, holding a PhD in Developmental Psychology. My focus was on areas of personal growth: Values, Ethics, Creativity, Creative Problem Solving, Intuition, Leadership, and the like. The mix of education, common sense, and my intuitive skills is what I’d like share with you, covering various topics . Each week I’ll share a short paper that combines intuition, insights, wisdom, and knowledge. The topics will vary from my skill base, including my care for people, animals, and those of the other realms. People topics will cover a wide array of personal and growth topics. I’ve also worked with a variety of animal issues, including being an animal communicator. The Other Realm is more vast, as will be the topics. The Realm is very inclusive, including angels, the broad faerie realm, nature, aliens, and more. Through this shared information, you may learn something new, interesting, affirm the already known, or question further. All information is based on my knowledge and belief system.

Information comes to me in every different way imaginable and at all times of the day and night. It’s all too common for me to be awoken at the early hours to receive messages of varying importance. Of course, all messages are important, but at 2 or 3 in the morning when I am enjoying a good night’s sleep I have questioned why certain information couldn’t have waited until daylight! I know it’s because this is a time the message bearers have my full attention, whereas during the day many distractions may interfere. No matter the time, I feel honored and humbled to be one to receive these messages.

Sometimes I will co-write a piece with a friend or colleague. Since I have many talented acquaintances it would be an honor to calibrate and share our insights. I’ve already talked with someone about jointly writing on a topic close to both of us.

Generally, I’d like to have the pieces succinct and easily readable. Those times when a subject is more involved, I plan to divide it into multiple weeks. As well, I invite questions and comments.

The topics will be highlighted in a FB post, with the full piece written in my website.


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