As I work with people a common question is: how do I know when my guides or whoever is talking with me? There is no simple answer. And yet this question has many answers. I do know, trust and belief are instrumental to understanding how messages are relayed.

   I decided to write how I receive messages for both myself and for others. It’s quite common for me to receive a message or two prior to a scheduled reading. I’m not sure why the messages come beforehand, but I do accept that they do. I also receive messages from time to time for important people in my life. When the message comes, I pass it along. I also know when I receive a message who it is for; there is a difference between those for me and those for another.

  After reading this, I encourage you to ask your questions and/or share your experiences regarding receiving messages.

  As I said, there are many ways to receive messages. I will cover a few now and others later. Since there are so many ways, all cannot be covered in one writing and your questions and feedback may open other manners of reception for those who want to know.

   It is humorous to me that the most common time for me to receive messages is at times when I am doing something else. Some consider these times when the mind is idle or distracted. I don’t always or only receive messages at these times, but it’s common for many that these are the times when many do receive messages. The most common idle times I receive messages is first, when brushing my teeth and second, in the middle of the night.

   Messages that come in the middle of the night generally wake me. And to be honest, sometimes I don’t mind receiving messages during these times, but sometimes I do resent my peaceful sleep being disturbed. I always feel honored to receive, but have asked if they couldn’t have chosen better timing. The messages I receive while brushing my teeth are the most common. When receiving messages at these times, the information generally comes in the form of impressions and words. More often these messages are for someone else. Though occasionally I receive a personal message, this is not my usual time to receive messages for myself. Most of the messages I receive for myself come when I am actively or passively meditating.

   Meditation is another common way people receive messages. For many, these messages might be words or also pictures or visions. Active meditation is, as it sounds, those times I choose to meditate. Passive meditation is either less or not at all structured. A walk in the woods, sitting at the beach, even sitting quietly in my backyard can be passive meditation. I may be with others or alone. If there is a message for me to receive, it’s there. These messages are just there, words, images, ideas, etc., are only some of the forms these messages take.

   This is what’s most difficult for people to understand: when something comes, how do they know it’s a message? Trust. Also practice. The more you decide to trust or test these messages the more you know when it’s a message or simply a thought. That’s practice. Does what we said make sense on some level or way? Can you test the message’s validity? For me sometimes, the test comes when the message is shared with the intended person and the information makes sense to that person, even when it makes no sense to me. And there are those other times the message is very clear to me but not the intended person. At these times my response is to leave the information with the person to do with as they choose. Only occasionally will I be told sometime later, that the given message finally makes sense. Again, this is trust. The information came to me, I shared it, and even though it didn’t make sense, I trusted the information had value…whenever. It’s not up to me to decide how valuable the information is, because it’s theirs to do with as they choose.

    As well, it’s difficult to know when not to share information. There may be information helpful for me to know but not share. There are many reasons to not share. It may be too early, not helpful yet, or, from past experience, the person won’t listen. For me, it’s with an agreement with my guides. This agreement and understanding comes from years of experience and my learning the boundaries and guideposts. That’s the best advise I can give…give yourself time to practice, try, and learn.

   Now, just for a couple practical ways I receive information that’s not words or pictures. The other day, shortly before a scheduled reading, my toe itched. I knew, from experience the information was for my client. Since the information was not completely clear, I checked resources to get an understanding: do I could share with the client? First, toes generally mean balance, posture, and support. (Other sources may give another explanation. With experience you know what fits and when to keep looking. You sense when it’s right.) Then next, I looked up the significance of the particular toe that itched. In this case it was the second toe: communication. When I did the reading, I opened with receiving this message and my initial impression. I told them toes are balance, and the specific toe was communication. I shared that it could mean in some area of their life they had ineffective communication or there was an imbalance. It immediately made sense and this helped form some of the direction in the reading.

    For those curious, this is one representation for toes: first – either element or destiny, second – air or communication, third or middle – is being in the middle or midst, fourth – water or relationships, last or little – Earth or revealing, with the left being trust and the right being prosperity and abundance. And as said previously, if it doesn’t fit for you, look up another resource. Trust yourself to know what fits – you sense it.

    None of us is expected to know everything. Yes, sometimes, it is necessary to use resources. So much information comes in the form of messages, but sometimes when it’s not clear words, images, impressions, etc., but you do have some other form of reference, use that form of reference and your resources to look it up.

    When I said you sense when it’s right, it means you have to learn for yourself when it’s right. For some it just seems right, while another may say it feels right. While someone else knows or sounds right, or it appears. When you get the sense something is right, become aware of how you describe your experience. This description is your key to how you receive, process, and retain information. When you are aware of your particular pattern, you can also notice if this reaction is present when receiving informational messages.

   This is just the beginning and a small introduction. I will, over time, share more ways to receive and possible ways to interpret the information. Sometimes people will share what they received. If an interpretation comes to me, I will share it. Sometimes it makes sense and other times it’s simply another interpretation to consider. Though I will offer information and suggestions, trust your understanding and what makes most sense to you.

   The best way to receive and understand messages is through deciding or choosing to, trusting what you receive with some evaluation and interpretation, at times, and believing in yourself.

   If you choose, please share your experiences. It’s helpful to all of us.


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