I’m extremely excited to share even more ways animals have come to offer us and Earth spiritual support and assistance.

Being an evolved being means many animals are here to assist us by both challenging us and assisting us to reconnect to the divine on higher levels and ways. Their purpose is to assist in our connection with self and the universe. This is why they are higher vibrational beings here in a form that is easier for so many of us to connect with so we can access even higher connection. They help us! For them to maintain their high spiritual connection, they as well have spirit guides and angels to assist them. Sometimes it is helpful for us to know those who assist them. More important is our knowing what skill or talents, as an evolved Being, they have come here with so we can as well support them continuing to operate in their highest energy level.

Read now to learn more about the skills and talents of these special animals.

Healers – These animals are here to assist with all healing and healers. They naturally gravitate toward areas or situations that would benefit from healing energy. They are very heart-centered and have a strong connection to grounding all healings with spirit. If they are not able to physically focus on a specific area or situation that needs healing, they will begin a focus on the heart center, while sending energy to a specific area. Some actually work with a healer, while others work in other settings or situate themselves in positions where they can provide healing, known or unknown by the people around them. Need: They tend to gather and hold needy and misguided energy that is not their own energy as a part of the healing process. Most of the assistance they benefit from is proactive rather than reactive. Some ways we can support their energy while completing their work include regular energy release, essential oils and flower essences, anchoring, sound, nutritional awareness and boosts, and other suggested modalities.

Emissary – These beings are here as a representative, whose purpose is to bring two groups together. The mission or errand usually assists with bringing together the spiritual to the physical. They are not here to work alone. It’s very common for them to be connected with another evolutionary group. With a mission to connect others, their early years are typically filled with gregarious behaviors that appear overly friendly. Often these behaviors are viewed negatively by their owners, rather than their owners recognizing that the emissaries are trying to figure out how to initiate connection through friendly ways. It’s easy to misunderstand these beings. Need: These tender souls value people who are able to understand them and their purpose. Behavior training can help them learn the manners necessary to live socially and peacefully with others. As they may become frustrated, essential oils can help calm their energy, as also will sound healing. Especially beneficial are grounding and breathing techniques that will help center their energy. A pet pendulum can bring clarity to their person companion’s better understanding of them.

Caretakers – These animals are in a place all of their own making. They come to assist other energy beings, both animals and people, by being a caretaker of energy and revitalizing energy levels of other beings. They may be a companion with people but usually live with other animal(s) as well as energy caretakers. They are some of the calmest animals, providing anchoring and health assistance to those they live with, especially other animals. They are often overlooked as evolved because they seem too calm and self assured. However, they also benefit from modalities that will help keep their energy strong enough to continually offer support to others. Need: Though they appear calm, content, and in fine health, by using their energy to support others, they also deplete their own energy. So, they benefit from energy work and modalities that support these givers. Some ways we can support their energy while completing their work include nutritional support to keep their energy strong, praise and acknowledgement of them and their purpose, breath work, essential oils to help strengthen and release energy, and other suggested modalities.

Service – These are different, though may be the same, as trained service animals, but they may not necessarily have the same work. Evolved service animals come with a specific task or job to complete. When their focus is on completing just one task, they may choose to leave this life when the task is finished. This means they will most likely have a short life. When they come with a job to do, they will not feel settled until they are working at that job. This animal may be a trained service animal, or they may have another service mission to complete. More often, it seems, the non-service-trained animals go through many owner changes until they are finally in a position to work at the job they are here to do. For example, one service animal was a horse who went through a few owners before happening to be adopted by a facility that works with children with disabilities. This horse refused to work with many assigned children. Rather it chose which child it would work with and always chose cases that were considered the most challenging. These animals often go through many life situations until they find the best setting for them to honor the service work they are here to do. Need: If an animal does not seem to fit well with you, it may be kinder to find a new situation for them than keeping them out of loyalty. This is generally extremely hard for the person caring for them. It may be they need a different environment to work in or other adjustments to be happy within their current situation. However, a consultation can help clarify what the best situation is for them. Sometimes its rehoming and other times its as simple as keeping them but finding a place where they can also do their job or finding other ways to help them adjust. Some ways we can support their energy while completing their work include a clarifying consultation, essential oils and flower essences (valuable to help them calm and adjust), energy work (considered essential), sound healing work, massage, grounding practices, and other suggested modalities.

Companions – These beings are here to bring comfort to others. They may be an emotional support animal but more often they are friendly pets that seem to bring peace to others. They live to bring joy, peace, and contentment. I’ve known dogs that were unhappy, when out for a walk or out in public, until they were assured they’d brought contentment to another. Some people say they always look for certain wild critters that seems to be putting on a show for them. These animals are here to simply bring support to others. Being supportive is their form of energy medicine. Therefore, as a pet, they need an owner who will provide them with opportunities where they are able to encounter others who can benefit from what they are here to share. Need: Their mission in life is to bring support to others, even others unknown to them. Some ways we can support their energy while completing their work include energy work to help them release energy from those they encounter, massage, flower essences to fortify their physical and energy bodies, grounding techniques, touch therapy, and other suggested modalities to enable them to interact with others in healthy ways.

It’s such an honor and pleasure to share how evolved animals have become and a quaint you with more of the categories. But there are more. Watch for part 3 and learn about more evolved animals.




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