I am honored that my Master Animal Spirit Guide and all the animals I work with, willingly share how much they have evolved band how they are here to assist and support us and the Earth evolve into higher vibrational levels to become more spiritually grounded and of higher spiritual service.

This is, for now, part 3 the last part of this series that has identified and educated a little about some of the categories I’ve become acquainted with and now have the privilege to share with you. Read part 3 to learn and understand more about these magnificent animals. And if you haven’t read part 1 or 2, please find them on my web page.

Guard – Every once in a while, an animal comes to live their life as a guard animal. Their talent is to watch over. This means they are protectors over something or someone for a special reason. Guards have intense and high energy. They will seem on alert nearly all the time. Often, they appear aware but in an anxious way. Because they are here to be a guard, they need assistance to calm down and return to relaxed states or they will burn out their life energy more quickly. Need: With such intense energy, identifying them as a guard and understanding their purpose means owners can help them to create a balance in this life. They benefit greatly from energy work, like Reiki and massage. Essential oils, flower essences, and teas can sooth their internal stress and tension. Sound therapy and breathing techniques often also soothe and help balance their energy.

Jesters –Animals with the mission of providing delight and fun are a very unique group. They are very playful and hope to bring smiles to those around them. Some are used in various ways to entertain people. They are here to remind us that play is a beneficial part of a healthy life. Most are family pets or wild animals that live in communities where they can do tricks and antics meant to create gaiety and laughter. They are natural entertainers. It’s difficult though, when these animals’ natural purpose is taken advantage of and exploited. Since they enjoy performing, they can be easily exploited and their skills overused. As well, they need to be reminded of the importance of balance between using their natural skills and being cared for so they are neither exploited nor over exhausted from trying too hard or being taken advantage of. Need: Seldom does it seem these animals need anything. However, a consultation can help an owner or caregiver understand what the best life balance is for these animals. This may also help their caregiver know how to help the animal use their skills in a variety of ways. Some ways we can support their energy while completing their work include essential oils and flower elixirs, mind game activities, breath work, massage to give them beneficial attention, and other suggested modalities to help keep their energy at an optimal level.

Reincarnates – There are some animals that have such a strong and very special bond that their loss brings a uniquely great pain. This bond comes from a strong connection, a deep significance, and a spiritually abiding relationship that time together becomes an incorporeal relationship. Thus the loss of these special companions brings a deeper grief when their time to leave comes. Or there are times when a new animal brings the awe and wonder that special being has come back to share a life with again. Animals can and do occasionally choose to reincarnate. This is a unique trait to a very few special beings. However, I am aware more and more animals are choosing to come again when their work on Earth with a certain person is not yet complete. Some choose not to reincarnate themselves; rather, they influence the selection of another and guide both the animal and person while the new animal is on Earth. It’s extremely important to know their traits are often similar but never exactly the same as those of their previous life. This is because they come with some knowledge of their past experience and bring fresher skills and insight into their new existence. Many people want to know if their very special animal is alright in the after life and forgives them for a variety of reasons. They express intense grief around missing their special animal more intensely than other beloved animals. Usually, the animal is a pet but occasionally an animal in the wild. Need: A consultation helps by identifying how the animal is doing in the afterlife, if they have indeed reincarnated, if they are willing to incarnate, or with help with bridging the life with a new animal. A consultation also provides some direction on the best path and assistance with everyone’s immediate and future journey. As well essential oil, flower/herbal essences, and grounding techniques provide benefit while adjusting to the new life. For some, sound healing helps as well to bridge life energies.

Nannies – This is a very specialized evolved animal. In an animal group they are the animal that watches over the juveniles. They are not a replacement for nor take over for the mother but help by adding care assistance. In the greater evolved world, they tend to have therapy, emotional support, reading companion-type jobs. They are calm while also steering a person’s energy direction. These evolved animals need us to help them find their place to do this valuable work and support their energy. Need: Since they interact with so many, they value having multiple ways to release the energy of those they work with. Some ways we can support their energy while completing their work include clearing techniques, essential oils or flower essences, massage, grounding, sound healing, touch therapy, and other suggested modalities.

Shape Shifters – This power has been around for centuries. It has been well discussed in tales about people. However, the skill began with animals, before being shared with people. Simply put, it is the ability to change from one shape into another. People have mastered the ability to change to other animal forms. However, animals have developed this skill on higher levels and are able to transform or change into any earth form. They can change to other animal forms, as well as plant, rock, gem, water, and other forms. This ability provides them with protection, and to become a form provides temporary assistance in a moment for a chosen reason. There are as many reasons for an evolved animal to choose to change as there are forms for them to change into. They have a primary form and can only change into a shifted form for a certain amount of time. When they shift, they take on the image and only some of the instinctual qualities of that form. Their ability to safely stay in a shifted form is determined by the animal’s evolutionary level. Nonetheless, the longer they stay in an altered form, the more it affects their original energy, which may become hindered and transformed or stuck in an altered form. Need: Since most of us have no idea that we are in the presence of a shifted animal there is little that we can or will do. However, if you sense you are in the presence of the shifter, leave so that the animal can shift back. Very seldom will a shifter allow a person to witness their shift. If this happens, feel honored. Most of all, know you may or may not have actually seen the shifter at work. Even so, sending thanks and praise may open the opportunity for a shift experience to happen again and be seen.

This is not a full or complete list. I am becoming aware of more types of evolved animals and the ways evolved animals are coming to help us with our life and Earth’s spiritual growth. They are more than animals who operate in natural instinctual ways. Yet they also maintain many instinctual characteristics and habits while also coming with spiritually evolved skills, talents, and traits.

Some of these animals come with more than one evolutionary purpose. If you’ve heard me talk about Angel Animals Among Us, you’ve heard me mention the horse who worked only with the most challenging child clients. This was the way my Master Spirit Animal Guide introduced the horse. However, over time, as the other skills of this horse became apparent, it was clear the horse was an angel as well as a server.

 It’s important to note evolved animals are a unique personality blend of their natural animal instinctual traits in combination with their special evolved skills. They come here to share with us as we evolve and as well help both the Earth and us move toward a higher collective consciousness. Often, it begins with a pet owner wondering what their pet needs. Then, with a consultation, a pet owner becomes aware of what special qualities their companion has to offer and how to best help them fulfill their purpose along their evolutionary path.

It’s only from working with a Master Sprit Guide and animals themselves for years that I have become aware of how these magnificent beings have evolved over time to bring spiritual health to Earth and help us along our evolutionary path. It’s become a delight and privilege to have a Master Animal Guide that has helped me to first understand animals and over time how they have evolved and continuing to evolve. And to our benefit, they are also helping us spiritually evolve while bringing greater joy to us. I am honored to have skills that assist me in working with all animals. It is also a blessing to work with a Master Animal Guide along my path as an Animal Intuitive, Communicator, Consultant, and advocate. Just a reminder, there are still many natural instinctual animals who benefit from a consultation to help them with environmental, behavioral, or general life issues, to find solutions to various issues. It is a privilege to work with all animals. And now to understand and educate others about the evolved animals and their skills and qualities, helping these special animals better fulfill their purpose, and helping people learn about them and support them along their path, beings me great joy.


Note: This is only an overview of the animals I know about now. The more work I do, the more categories I’m learning about. And the information discussed about each individual group is a general overview and not specific or exhaustive to the group in entirety or specific to a particular animal.



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