Over the years I’ve become gradually acquainted with Spiritually Evolved Animals. And as I wrote about them, I realized there are a number of different skills that differentiate the groups that can identify them by their differences. Therefore, I have divided this piece into three parts. Look for the other two and learn just how wonderful and challenging it can be to live with a Spiritually Evolved Animal.

Fortunate are the people blessed with a pet. Pets add so much life, joy, companionship, longevity, and more. The benefits of pet ownership are common knowledge. So true that the benefits differ depending on the type of pet we have. A bird offers differing benefits from a dog or cat, from a horse or reptile, and so on. Regardless, having animals in one’s life comes with benefits.

I know there are several people who choose not to be pet owners for several reasons. Some people just don’t like or want pets. And their opinion has personal merit, and some days is envied by pet owners. Pets are work, responsibility, and expense.

Nonetheless, it’s clear I value sharing my life with animals. And those of us who have animals as companions in our life accept the responsibilities of ownership. Now, however, as an animal worker, I have a higher awareness of how pet ownership comes with more than simple animal companionship. The time is here that many animals, especially pets, are more evolved than their predecessors, coming with skills and talents meant to assist Earth’s and our evolution.

Though including animals in our life has value, for many of us gone are the days that pets are simple beings whom we love and who love us unconditionally. Though they continue to provide us with pet companionship benefits, especially unconditional love and acceptance, they are challenging because of the additional ways they are now assisting the world. Just as we are evolving, so are many, but not all, animals. Even though we are both evolving, animals are evolving more quickly than people. Animals, especially pets have become a significant assistant in our development, along our spiritual evolutionary path.

Being an evolved being means many animals are here to assist us by both challenging us and assisting us to reconnect to the divine on higher levels and ways. Their purpose is to assist in our connection with self and the universe. This is why they are higher vibrational beings here in a form that is easier for so many of us to connect with so we can access even higher connection. They help us! For them to maintain their high spiritual connection, they as well have spirit guides and angels to assist them. Sometimes it is helpful for us to know those who assist them. More important is our knowing what skill or talents, as an evolved Being, they have come here with so we can as well support them continuing to operate in their highest energy level.

There are several types of evolved animals that I have worked with over the years. In credit to dogs, I’m told, in the process of their evolution, animals have loosely followed the pack order. In an animal pack, everyone has a job. The intent of having positions and jobs is for all to work together for the benefit of the whole. The jobs and positions vary depending on the needs and size of the pack. Pack order has many positions, such as leader, favored, guards, nannies, jesters, and so many more. In pack life, the jobs each member holds depends on need, the leader, and what positions need filling. One dog may hold more than one job, and when leadership changes, so often the jobs of pack members change as well. For example, one who was nanny or favored may not hold those same jobs under new leadership. Very few dogs really want to be the alpha or leader. Most prefer to be in the leader’s top favor, the best position in a pack.

However, there are many similarities and some differences between pack membership and evolved animals. First, is the understanding that there are leaders. Most animals in both pack and evolved, do not want to be the leader. Leadership requires many complex talents that interfere with the goals of evolved animals. They expect the people in their life to be the leaders so they can focus their energy on doing the task they are here to do. Similar to pack order, often the way they are able to do their work depends on who is in charge. Some animals cannot fully evolve when the people in their life do not know they are here for a special reason or how to support them in doing their work. Some jobs are simple, while others are more complex. However, the focus for them to be able to work at their job is important to them. Understanding the various types of evolved animals can help us understand them and provide support to them as they provide likewise to us.

Types of evolved animals:

Angels – These beings are angels who have decided to incarnate into a physical life as an animal. They generally choose animal form because it is considered a more convenient form to experience certain predetermined life experiences. Animal form generally offers a shorter life commitment in which they will be able to fulfill goals without complex human necessities complicating the process. Need: True to life, seldom does the plan and expectation happen in the same way an angel anticipates the path will take. What these beings need are ways to balance the actual life experiences with the angel’s goal expectation. Some ways we can support their energy while completing their work include consultation, healing/energy techniques like Reiki, essential oils, flower essences, and other suggested modalities.

Third Eyes – These are the most complicated beings. They come here with an intense spiritual connection and energy. They are here with their focus on their work. They have a higher purpose and thus are the most challenging to live and work with. Their energy has a collective element associated with it. These animals’ awareness is far more spiritually focused than physically. Need: Because they live too much in their spiritual energy connection and essence, they need to be helped too, as well as live in their Earth form. Some ways we can support their energy while completing their work include regular energy/healing work (Reiki or other group sessions because they operate in collective energy), grounding/anchoring, breathing techniques, essential oils, herbal essences, sound work, nutritional awareness, and other suggested modalities.

Guardians/Guides – As guardian and guide animals they come with specific skills they willingly share. They may provide support to the people around them so the people can do their work within a high-energy, supportive environment. They come with a variety of skills and ways they can use to assist the people they are here to help. The biggest challenge to sharing a life with this animal is to understand they are here to help and be supportive and to understand how this animal does and can provide guidance and support so the person can complete their work. Need: Guardian/guide animals are too often overlooked as having as much value in the life of those they interact with. Some ways we can support their energy while completing their work include energy work to help them keep their energy high, sound energy to fortify and keep their energy strong, essential oils and flower essences for strength and health, and other suggested modalities.

Spiritual Workers – Spiritual workers are a unique group that are on Earth to both support Earth health and support our evolution. When here, they are often animals considered to have high spiritual meaning and may be in the life of some type of spiritual worker. They are interested in the health and evolution of Earth, animals, and people. It’s most taxing for them to be in positions or places that do not support their reason for this earth walk. Need: Pendulum work helps identify their frequency level and thus identify their purpose. As well, sound and hands-on healing benefit their continued energy, as well as physical health. Along with these other modalities, essential oils, flower essences, and gem stones are beneficial.

These are only a few of the Spirit Animals here among us. Watch for part 2, then part 3 to learn more about other Spirit Animals that are here to support Earth and us on our spiritual growth and path.


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