I’ve said many times, I’ve always felt such privilege to work with animals, all animals. Though over the years I’ve notice at first subtle, yet over time definite changes in the animals around us.

Animals adapt and change over time. They evolve. While many animals have maintained most of their natural instinctual behaviors and patterns, they have still adapted to environmental changes, usually created by people. Hence, they will adjust their behaviors with their changing environment. However, animals are nonetheless animals, wild in nature and generally operating within their natural instinctual survival behaviors. This is true, except for those animals that have adapted to live mutually with us: pets.

 Though not all animals groups have evolved to be able to live mutually with people, there are portions of several animal groups that are less wild in instinctual behavior and more adapted to living with people as pets. These animal groups have learned how to interact, respond to, live with, and even to communicate with us in a limited way. Animals that are pets are here to live with us in unconditional acceptance, assist us in a variety of ways, and often share our energy concerns and connections. We do not share their world with them. In all truth, they share our world with us. We are the primary energy they have learned to exist with and depend on.

 I’ve been fortunate to work with Master Animal Guides, Guardians, and Angels. With both an understanding of instinctual behaviors and adapted behaviors, I’ve helped people better understand their pets and how to live more effectively with them.

 Though over the years I’ve observed some very interesting pet behaviors. With some assistance from the Masters and in animal communication, I’ve been blessed to know and work with some incredible animals who are far more than an adapted animal used to working with us.

 Some of these special animals are angel pets. They have shared space, reincarnated, and along with so many more, I’ve now worked with the very highly evolved Third Eye Beings. It is not only pets who are here as Third Eye Beings. Some of these beings live in the wild, as their counterparts do. Third Eye animals are highly evolved and here to help us with our spiritual connection and growth. Animals are generally more connected, both instinctually and spiritually, with nature and a more natural order of existence. If we are fortunate enough to live with a Third Eye pet, we are being aided and assisted to live a more spiritual connection. They assist us through their Third Eye connections of insight, connection, and spiritual harmony.

It’s my belief, when a new pet comes into our home, creating a strong foundation begins our mutual bond, respect, cooperation, and understanding. Creating a solid foundation is especially important when one of the exceptional beings come to us.

 Third Eye pets are spiritual workers. They operate from a Third Eye awareness and orientation. From this, it may seem like living with a Third Eye pet can only be positive. There are many joys living with an evolved being, but there are also some challenges. There are some common traits and behavior characters of all Third Eye beings.

They are higher realm spiritual workers, which creates complex individuals that need special attention. As spiritual workers, they tend to focus their everyday awareness in communication with spirit, spirit’s messages, and sharing insights. With their attention in other realms, they sometimes forget their natural instinctive survival behaviors and thus require more attention from their person partners to help mind their physical health and wellbeing. With their everyday attention seldom in their physical world, there are challenges when welcoming one in your world. It’s important for the people in their life to understand the role they have in keeping a Third Eye being healthy, happy, and able to be true to their unique nature. Even with the challenges, these beings are incredibly special by their quirky nature, all the delights they bring, and the insights they share.

Here is a the first part of a list of things to be aware of when living with a 3rd Eye animal.

Third Eyes are slow to mature. Though they physically grow at an appropriate rate, their special skill is not noticed until they are over a year old in general. With some, two to three years is common. When they find their family in their infancy, a special nature is noticed but not enough that it stands out. When this happens, their skills seem to energize earlier than most. People of Third Eyes see their pet as unique, but no special skill is identified or even noticed. Rather, they physically grow as any other would until they begin to subtly show signs of something special. What tends to be noticed is why many of these pets have been in more than one home before finding their home/family. It’s quite common for a Third Eye to belong to three to five homes.

Generally they are very healthy. These magnificent beings are here to help us specially. They’re here to work, so they’ve been granted great overall health. If they are on a good nutritional program, have an appropriate level of activity, have beneficial human contact, some mental stimulation, and their physical health is monitored, these beings will live longer than the typical lifespan for their kind. However, the opposite can also be true. Since they tend to rely on insight more than the physical, when their health is not monitored by their human caregivers, they are more vulnerable to forget to monitor their own physical health.

Physically Third Eyes are slower to heal. When a Third Eye has a physical issue, their physical body is slower to heal than is generally the expectation. Even when very young, their physical body heals more slowly. A simple surgery, like when spayed, may take a week or two longer than average. It’s typical for them to have other physical issues, such as seasonal allergies or the like. And since many Third Eyes are used to experiencing life from an intuitive perspective, another ailment is often eye issues. When taking care of your Third Eye, take into consideration their need to take more time to heal or that they may have vulnerabilities, like season allergies, eye issues, or such. With physical issues not important to them, when they have health issues they may become more sensitive. One Third Eye became touchy when approached too quickly when they were still in their healing process. When this gal became aware of her slow healing, while expecting to already feel better, she become unaware of the world around her. Instances like this have caused some to become distracted and easily started. Help them by reminding people around them that they are still healing. And do not let any disparaging words about it taking too long or distrusting the veterinarian because they must have done something wrong; instead, enter the energy field of your Third Eye. Remember, they are sensitives, and listen and take to heart what they hear.

Medications effect them differently. As a result of their delicate physical systems, they are more sensitive to medications. They may need less or, in only a few cases, more than average. Whenever possible, a natural holistic or homeopathic path is better for them. They do well with essential oils, and herbal flower elixirs are considered more beneficial for both physical health and behavioral issues. There are also flower essences that can support their Third Eye ability. Remember, it is essential any holistic or homeopathic remedies must be both pet safe and pet friendly to not overtax their systems. Their systems are even more sensitive than their counterparts, so take this into consideration.

Eye issues are common. Keep a close watch over your Third Eyes’ eyes. All benefit from being aware that their eyes are vulnerable. An explanation might be that they are so used to operating from a perceptive, as well as, visual perspective, they don’t rely on visual acuity as much as their counterparts. They live with more ease with their intuitive and insightful impressions than most. On close observation, they seem to rely more on their insight and understandings of the world and less on actual visual impressions. One Third Eye came to his new owner with an eye issue. The previous owner was treating the issue, but not in a manner that was beneficial to this guy. Upon entry to the new home, a new direction was taken and the eye began to heal more quickly. Remember, though, their healing is slower, and sometimes we need to be reminded to help their healing process.

These are generalities common to Third Eyes. This does not mean every and all Third Eyes have every one of these traits. Every Third Eye has some, but not all, of the traits. Get to know your companion partner and support that individual Third Eye soul.

When looking at these areas to be aware of, it may seem Third Eye Beings are difficult to live with. When sharing your life with any other souls, there are challenges and joys. Though this is true as well for Third Eye Beings, with connection, there can be such a high connection. To spirit, they also bring a joy, insight, and connection to the higher realms. The next part of Third Eye Beings shares more about how special they are and other things to know about these higher realm energies.




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