If you have not read part 1 of Third Eye Animals, please do. There is a lot of information in part 1 that will not be repeated in this paper. This first paper was both an introduction and shares information that is important to know if you are sharing your life with a Third Eye animal.

Third Eye animals are highly evolved spiritual souls who come to share our world with us in animal bodies and usually as pets. As high spiritual beings, they come to share spiritual insights, connections, energies, and to help us elevate our own awareness with spirit. They really are quite remarkable souls to share a companionable life with.

They do have some unique needs, some of which were already shared in part 1. However, they certainly bring many more joys, and they insights they bring let you sense their close connection with spirit. Here is more helpful information to know if you are sharing your life with a Third Eye pet.

This reminder is a repeat mentioned in Part 1. Each Third Eye is unique and the following are commonalities, not necessarily a trait of all Third Eye souls. When you know the traits and methods that benefit your Third Eye, your mutual relationship will thrive.

When they come into their skill, it becomes obvious in their energy expression. When they have come into their special skill as a Third Eye, their energy presence changes, and for those sensitive enough to notice, it becomes obvious. Many may notice there is something special about the animal, while not being able to identify them as a Third Eye Being. It’s said a picture holds a thousand words. This is indeed true for a Third Eye. For some, seeing them as imagined in a picture shows their energy is not only special but holds an even higher level of evolutionary energy because of this special skill.

Need mental stimulation. With the practice of relying on perception as their guide in everyday life, mental stimulation helps keep their energy in balance. They thrive on the ability to develop their playful side. And they like mind games. A variety of mental stimulating activities also helps balance their energy. For example, for many pets activities can include hide and seek, changing out toys, training, people encounters, personal work or jobs, appropriate music, food challenges, and more.

They want to express their lighter side: Play. Play is another activity that helps keep their energy in balance. In addition to play being a form of mental stimulation, it also allows them to show their playful and humorous side. Many will create a game they can play with the people and other animals in their life. Most like playing with other animals for short periods of time.

Benefit from training.  To Third Eyes, training is a way to better understand our world and what are considered manners in our world. They want to know how to interact and communicate with us; learning about our world through training exercises helps them bridge their world with ours. And as a benefit, they know what manners and behaviors are important to us.

Healing sounds and energy healing help keep them balanced and healthy. All Third Eye Beings like some sound healing, while all benefit from energy healing. Whenever possible, group healing sessions are the best. However, these sessions do not need to be in person; rather, remote healings are very effective and much easier than scheduling in-person group healings. Though individual sessions also have great benefit for these Beings, group sessions have more benefit. The insightful intuitive, and perceptive work they do is heightened and supported when they share energy in group healing. They value from the collective energy more than solo energy experiences. And sound healing in many forms is also good for these special beings. Such instruments as singing bowls, tuning forks, piano, songs, wind chimes, and the many more forms of sound healing help them fortify their body, mind, emotions, heart, and soul. One very powerful form of sound therapy good for all Third Eyes Beings is humming. It is from a source they are connected with, rely on, and know well. So even simple humming is a benefit to your Third Eye. Something very important to note about sound therapy/healing is that it is only as beneficial as it is tolerated by your Third Eye. If they are not familiar, start slow and gentle. Know that different instruments bring differing reactions to each Being. Though no matter the instrument, it is to be used to create peace, respect, and healing. Please note: Drumming, unless done with calm quiet control, but instead with an intense loud beat is very disturbing to Third Eyes. And as they are very respectful beings, banging on a drum, is deemed disrespectful. Loud drumming generally is done with war intentions, and Third Eyes are not here to support war, but rather to find insightful ways to create and support respectful, peaceful interactions.

Breath work also help them keep a healthy balance. Following relaxing breathing techniques is another way to assist them keep their energy balanced and replenished.

They bring enchantment into the world. The most outstanding quality of Third Eye Beings is the strong enchanting abilities they possess: their ability to bring with them insight, connection, and spiritual harmony. They’ve come to help us create and strengthen our connection with spirit. There is not one way they do this. Just know with a Third Eye in your inner circle, if you are open to connection to spirit, your connection will continually evolve.  Being around them brings insights to those who are open to receive a stronger connection with spirit. One of their purposes is connection and harmony, especially spiritual harmony. For some, their presence is so strong they discount and choose not to grow. However, for most, being near a Third Eye awakens or intensifies spiritual connection. It becomes your choice how much the Third Eye will influence your spiritual connection and harmony with spirit.

They commune with beings from other realms. With their highly perceptive ability and their purpose to connect all, it is not a wonder they can commune with other realms. The most common other-realm communities they commune with are the angelic, fae, and guides. Connection with these communities aids them to know how to help us form stronger bonds with those beings around us that we don’t necessarily see. Through this, they help form and strengthen spiritual and connection bonds with other. Seldom do they use their ability to connect with other world beings unless those beings are highly evolved and benevolent.

They are closely connected with angelic energy. Though they are not angels, they are closely connected with the angelic realm. They closely align and communicate with angels, those on Earth and those in the heavens. For them, angels are a source of support and insight.

Community is important. Third Eye Beings thrive with some community contact. The amount and type of community these Beings want to interact with is individual to both their personality and life purpose. With community being such an important element in their world, it’s important to understand what type and how those encountered with others can be fulfilled. One Third Eye finds value in being out in public events, while another enjoys their days going to a busy work setting with their person. And another finds that going for a walk and attracting attention has been their way to share their energy with community.

Dressing for work is important. These smart souls believe in a balance between work and play. Therefore, it’s helpful if your Third Eye knows when they are expected to be in work mode and when its all right to play. They benefit from a cue that they are to be more serious and working. A common cue from that Third Eyes recognize is to dress for work. They might have a bandana or special color, or wear a charm, pendulum, or the like to signal they are working. Then, when the work session is formally, over they can relax. They are always sharing insights, but when in work mode, their attention to connection and spiritual connections are more acute.

Moonlight/sunlight energy sensitive. Not all, but many, Third Eye beings have a strong connection with moon or sun energy. If your Third Eye is moon sensitive, they’ll benefit from gem water. This is water that has specific gemstones infused during the night to have reinforced moon energy. A lesser form of moon energy can be achieved by placing a glass of water in a window to be charged by the moon’s light. And those who benefit more strongly from the sun’s energy will appreciate water infused in similar ways, but in sunlight rather than moonlight. This can be done every once in a while, such for a day or two once a month, though even once a week is all right. Though this is beneficial, it is not recommended to be done daily or more than one day a week. They are sensitive energy beings and too much can overstimulate and weaken their energy system and physical health.

As you can see, these are incredible beings whose natural inclination is to help us evolve into our greater good and live in a higher spiritual expression. Through connections and spiritual growth we can live in more honoring and respectful ways with one another. They want us to understand higher levels or gratitude and, from that, experience peace throughout our daily life and with one another.

For as special as these brings are, they are equally complex. They do require more attention with their complex position of being fabulous companions and spiritual advocates.

Only on reflection do people who share their world with a Third Eye Being realize they have received more spiritual insightful messages and guidance. After reflection, they are aware of their growth over time. Its not a forced or forceful growth. Rather, its an intrinsic and congenial subtle welcoming growth, that’s also significantly profound. Each person partnered with a Third Eye comes to realize their special pet has helped them growth stronger in their own personal spiritual awareness that in a variety of ways becomes a shared connection with others. I feel quite privileged to have thus far worked with mostly dogs, but also horses and birds, and I look forward to learning more from those whom I have yet to meet and work with.

Third Eye Beings are really incredible. If you have the privilege to know one, be open. And when you welcome a Third Eye Being, your life will change and, when open, for the better. You and the work they do with you will grow and develop stronger spiritual connections and harmony through connections and insights.





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