Often people express frustration because they don’t know how to best help their pet.  I understand the frustration. I’m a pet owner and am an intuitive animal worker. I’ve worked with many animals and am excited, after hours of research now have another answer to pet owner’s to help them understand their pet’s needs. It’s become my pleased to explain this new tool: the use of Pet Pendulums, a new great tool to get some of that desired pet insight and information. 
Lynn Ostrem, owner of Devine Central – Tarot Lenormand & Beyond  and YouTube .com/@askdevinecentral, is a loving pet owner who’s also wanted to know how to keep her dog, Tulie happy. So it was my pleasure to recently be interviewed by Lynn discussing with her, how to use Pet Pendulums as an effective way to more better understand our beloved pets needs and desires. 
I believe Pet Pendulums change the way we can understand our pets and if interested please watch this introductory video to Pet Pendulum usage.


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