Introducing an animal to their new living situation sets the foundation for the relationship. Usually, we enter into magical thinking. We’ll love them and of course all will be great.

All too often, our magical thinking is not reality. However, there are many ways to welcome a new animal into our family.

With planning, both the animal and humans can establish a solid foundation to build on. The first consideration is realizing how much the animal’s history makes a difference. Even when we bring puppies, kittens, or other very young animals into our home, they come with a background. All that has happened, no matter the age, they bring to the present; their history is a part of who they are.

Consideration of past experiences, of both the animal and the persons welcoming them, creates life connections, and may help elevate some potential future issues. With planning, both the animals and humans can establish a solid foundation to build on and an understanding that helps with acceptance and how work to work together.

 I’ve always felt such privilege to work with animals, especially with some guidance from the very valued animal masters who work alongside me. Over the years, I’ve helped people and their pets become acquainted, as well as have provided healings, helped to find lost pets, and a vast variety of other pet and animal issues. And I’ve had the privilege of working with simply wonderful pets, angel animals, walk-in pets, and so many other delightful animals. However, how a new animal member is welcomed into a family sets a foundation, especially when a special animal is being welcomed. It’s also true that when a person with special issues is welcoming an animal, that person needs to know how to balance their needs with the animal. This is when a New Family Member Consultation helps form many beneficial bonds and alleviate some adjustment problems.

 There are many ways to find the balance and mutual trust and understanding.

Usually the first suggestion is an intuitive reading. Through a reading, I’m generally able to glean information about the animal to aid in forming a base. Remember, every animal comes with its own issues and experiences. Knowing what exists in the animal’s past helps to build a mutual plan.

 Next, what I recommend is the use of certain essential oils and possibly herbal essences, to help the animal adjust with the most ease. The essential oils and flower essences can be used in a variety of ways. This is where a consultation is helpful. Together, through discussions, we can decide the most comfortable way to use the oil and/or essences. Then there may be several other recommended techniques and occasional follow up to ensure a solid base.

 There are so many additional suggestions that can be advised to assist in building solid bounds. What is suggested is unique to each individual animal, as well as consideration for the people welcoming the animal.

 Over the years, I’ve become aware that more often animals are coming to us to help us in more ways than to be a loving pet or working animal. It’s true some animal are still natural and instinctual beings. However, I’ve noticed, more and more special animals are coming into our world. Their origin is more than the animal form they come to be. These animals are a combination of natural, instinctual animal and special bonding. These special beings are more spiritually based so they can be more helpful to us. Higher spiritual beings are choosing to bring their evolved selves into physical form by incarnating into animal from.

During my work with animals, I’ve encountered angel pets among us, walk-in animals, healers, guidance workers, pets or animals humans have shared a precious life with, and other special beings. But recently, I’ve been introduced to Third Eye animals. These special beings navigate Earth with their unique highly evolved, talented, and intuitive ways. Understanding each one’s uniqueness helps us gain mutual appreciate and ability to give and receive support.

 A consultation can offer insight and direction


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