I remember hearing some years ago that water holds wisdom. Its wisdom is shown  through its many unique properties and has been said to originate in outer space. Water links all life forces, is a mirror of the soul, has healing properties, and reflects natural current states.

Water’s most unique property is its ability to present itself in three different forms: solid (ice), liquid (water), and gas (steam). There are many other qualities associated with water. It covers 70% of the Earth and 65% of our bodies. It has both a boiling and freezing point, surface tension, viscosity, and cohesion. When water is taken and brought to crystalline form, its visual form and vibrational level shows its state. If it is healthy, the crystals will be well formed with a clear beauty and formation. When the water is not healthy, the crystals are ill formed, deformed, and at times difficult to take on any shape.

Though so much of the Earth is covered with water, there are studies that suggest it is not from Earth but outer space. It has been shown that when comets land they bring water to Earth that is the same as the water already here. Also, water in outer space that is the same as that on Earth is measurable. This is different from the minerals and other organic matter present on Earth as they are not found in space. The belief is the water in space also created the clouds that fed water to Earth. Once on Earth it stayed to become a significant part of Earth’s topography and helped create life. But water has not remained exclusively on Earth. Rather it returns, through vaporization, back into the sky in the form of clouds. And of course, clouds are able to hold water until it comes down in rain or snow. Also true is that the position of the sun, stars, and moon affect water in a variety of ways: tides, levels, evaporation, water populations, and water clarity.

 All life forces have an energy vibration that can be seen through water’s crystals. Dirt alone cannot grow a plant without water but water can grow a plant without organic matter. Since it is cohesive, water is able to attract other water molecules that encourage life. Even rocks and dirt have some water particles, as do all living things. Life, as we know it does not exist without water as a part of its existence. It is said to be the “universal solvent,” and it is this ability that makes water such an invaluable life-sustaining force. On a biological level, water as a solvent helps cells transport and use substances like oxygen or nutrients to sustain life.

Significantly, the human body is essentially water, so it mirrors the consciousness of the soul by depicting its formation in crystals. A soul that lives in love has beautiful crystals. Though it is believed love is the most powerful emotion, love’s crystal formation is not as brilliant, clear or defined as those shown with gratitude. Viewing the crystalline formations of a soul that lives with gratitude shows brilliant, beautiful, clear, and well formed crystals. Thus keeping a soul in an unpolluted state shows the beauty as shown by its internal crystals. However, love and gratitude combined has a unique depth, refinement, and diamond like brilliance. There is a healing power to love and an immunity created by love. Prayer is one way that has helped heal the body. It is believed that this healing happens because of the power of love. Emotions effect growth and movement. Studies have shown children deprived of love do not develop as do children who know they are loved. Also, children to adults who experience love are better able to handle the stresses and changes in life.

Not only can the state of health be shown through water’s crystals but so can words, spoken and written. Though love and gratitude are shown to be powerful, they also have a parallel emotion: hate. The vibrational levels of the opposing states issue similar waves. However, the opposing side’s crystals show their difference. All emotions have a parallel opposite as does love. A few other parallel emotions are kindness/anger, fear/courage, and happiness/disparity. A few examples of parallels in life include: medicine can help heal as well as cause harm and death, a person with a short temper can be quick to cry, prayer can heal, move clouds, and bring health to a body of water but cannot keep harm away if it is not sustained.

Water studies have shown the power of positive thinking strengthens the immune system, reduces pollution, improves taste, and improves the quality of life. Sending positive thoughts to the water within items has the power to change that item’s structure. The use of gratitude in prayer, chanting, and affirmations has changed a body of water from a polluted state to a state of health. Two places that had water purified through positive intention are Vietnam and Lake Biwa in Japan. As well, the opposite has happened. Rice in a bottle of water that was telepathically sent thanks fermented to a high healthful level; whereas the bottles of rice ignored or sent hateful comments rotted, even though the bottles sat next to one another.

It seems that the power of words is not limited to spoken words. Words written on a piece of paper has equal power and effect. Positive words result in positive results and negative words bring negative results. The pictures taken of the crystallized water clearly shows the items state of being. Things that are positively affirmed form clear, beautiful crystals and those sent fundamentally incompatible frequencies have crystals that have a hard time forming any shape or the shapes are deformed or ill formed. For example, the crystals from weighed down by troubles, polluted, distilled or chlorinated water are deformed. The crystals from water from spring water, Lourdes France, and water that has been prayed over have brilliant crystals. And the water with the brilliant crystals tastes better, is shown to have higher value, and the images and vibrations are similar to those of angels. Many of us have heard that words have power. This has been shown to be true. What is interesting is that the patterning of the crystals is the same for the same word, regardless of the language that word is in, beginning at the center hole and reach out all sides. The word thank you shows three concentric circles from its center. And the word “angel” has an aura or halo in its center. These are only a few examples of how powerful the vibration and energy of words are and is shown through the formation of crystals. Stable vibrational frequencies have similar formations in crystals.

 It is easier to see items than vibrations. And the vibration of an item can show its state of being through its crystal formation. To better understand water, the vibrations were also measured. This was done to help with clarity and understanding of the messages given by water of the state of being of the item it was taken from. Water is affected by words, but also by the music it is exposed to. Water listening to the key of G will have that letter in its center. Heavy music shows crystals that are ill formed. All living things have water and vibration. So it is easy to say water shows the vibration of the universe and each thing created. Everything is creating a vibrational sound and water is the most sensitive and reflective demonstration of the state of that item.

In conclusion, the world is linked together by vibration that can be seen through water’s crystals. The world can be held together in whatever way we choose, love and gratitude or otherwise. Your words have power. They are your promise to who you are, how you see the world, how you interact with others, and how you want the world to be. What do the crystals in your words show about you. We can make the world healthy and know this through water. We can all have a healthy world as shown through the water where we live. Our hearts need to be clear and unpolluted to help our world up close and throughout the universe. This has me wondering what my crystals tell about me and what impact I am sending out to the world.


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