I continue to find it interesting how many animals are both mystical and in physical form on Earth. Most mystical animals hide in their side of the veiled realm, well hidden in everyday life. Even so, there are many mystical animals that also reside in both worlds at the same time: the other realm and our physical world. One that I’ve only recently been introduced to is the dragon-headed caterpillar.

Though these mystical-physical animals live in both realms, in ours their life is similar to their species, the caterpillar. As well, they share similarities to their mystical partner, the dragon. The dragon-headed caterpillar is found in temperate regions of North America, Europe, China, and southern Australia. They are best known for their “head capsules” that resemble wide-set horns. However, their legendary head capsule is more than decorative; it offers protection. Depending on the region where they live, the strange appearance helps give them a better chance of surviving into adulthood.

The four horns intimidate predators, and some variations even have a venomous sting. It seems all dragon-headed caterpillars use their intimidating look to scare off predators. However,n even those that are venomous only sting a hungry bird or person that picks them up. Just like
their mystical partner, they are shy and stay hidden as much as possible. And just like their dragon counterparts, some have a sting (fire) for protection, but most do not. Like their counterpart, most species of dragons are not venomous or fiery.

The most common types of dragons are the ones who fly in the sky and breathe fire. However, there are many types, including water, underground, land, and non-fire winged dragons. As you can see, the fire breathers are only one type. This is also true about their
Earthen counterpart, the dragon-headed caterpillar.

The Earthen dragon-headed caterpillar lives its life balancing its instinctual dragon tendencies with very common caterpillar attributes.
On both sides of the veil, they grow, cocoon, and hatch into a butterfly with brilliant-colored wings. And like dragons, in protection of their species, they eat the eggs after the larva has hatched. They come in a variety of shapes and colors. Also like many types of dragons, they are herbivores and not, as often believed of dragons, carnivores.

This is a special year for dragons and dragon-headed caterpillars. A once in a lifetime comet can be seen sometime between late April and early June. This comet is called the dragon or devil comet. It comes about every 71 years. As an Earthen spiritual animal, do not think the small body and caterpillar instincts lessen the power of this animal. This little creature has as much mystical power as a dragon that also balances those abilities with the qualities of caterpillar.

As a mystical or spirit animal the dragon-headed caterpillar shares with those they choose to work with many lofty qualities. The more common qualities these wonderful creatures bring include good luck and fortune; power; an inability to be clearly understood and accepted; mysticism and magic; guarding force; harmony, wisdom, and the balance of elements; the ability to transform and transmute; change; awakening; patience; progress; achievement; beauty throughout change; and enlightenment.

So, if this magnificent Earthen Mystical creature comes to work with you, be prepared for a strength in change, mysticism, and enlightenment. Feel blessed, but also know that even though you have the power of the dragon and caterpillar working with you, as well you will most likely be often misunderstood and held to differing standards than those that seem innate to you. And your beauty begins and shines through changes you make from internal change and growth before they show the world your external beauty.

Depending on your Earthen orientation, your connection with water, air, earth, or fire is yours to discover, enjoy, and balance into how to best use your particular, unique connection with your Earthen mystical spirit dragon-headed caterpillar.


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