Part 2 is about learning how to optimize the life of your special pet and some questions to look at that will help you decide if your pet is an angel.

I have written about animals as healers. Just like healers these angel animals need care and special attention to keep their Earth energy, health, and vibrational energy at an optimal level. Take special care of these precious beings if they re in your
life. Here are the few of the many things an Earth Animal Angel needs: energy cleaning, nutritional quality, and physical outlets. There are many things a caregiver can do to assist their angel. Not offering your angel extra support can shorten their life. Just as with any animal the better the care the better the health and energy the animal has, this is especially true for the Earth Animal Angel. Not offering a higher level of care shortens the animals life because they harbor ill-eased energy. Ill-eased energy is energy that is not the animals own energy. This is particularly hard when the energy they take on is from stress or disease, but can even be unbridled or excessive joyful energy. They benefit from having their energy cleared just as people benefit from energy clearing. Some of the many techniques a person can do to support and help their angel have optimal energy are vast and all done in love and pure light are helpful. These techniques are to absorb the energies and transform them.

-Some of the strongest are body energy work such as Reiki, hands on healing, chakra release, layer clearing, massage, or other body work. Many of these techniques can also be delivered remotely.
– Nutrition is very important. Know what your pet needs for its highest health. Your animal may need more frequent feedings, a special diet than the normally accepted, or supplements. Know your animal.
-Healing stones also help. They can be placed near the animal’s rest area, personal area, or on a collar. Be careful that the stone cannot be eaten and a potential choking hazard. While being an angel they are also an animal.
-Flower and herbal elixirs are usually blended to be purposeful. These mixes help elevate the body to hold optimal vibration and health. These elixirs fortify energy by bolstering the strengths and the energy of the animal.
-Essential oils are another helpful tool. Any oil used must be pet friendly and usually diluted so it does not stress the animal further. Oils can also be put on volcanic stone or natural wool balls and placed on the collar or near the animal. Again not in a place
where it can be eaten. Oils can also be placed in a carrier oil and rubbed on pads or feet or the belly area.
-Organic pet friendly teas are also helpful. The tea supports the digestion and immune system. Teas are brewed, diluted, and cooled. When my angel is working I will put tea leaves or brewed tea in her water which offers continued support. I will occasionally have tea time with my pets.
-Love is the most powerful way to energize your angel. Just as people drive on love so do angels. Love is a conduit that transcends time, space, and heaven.

One of my Earth Angels would release her unneeded energy by throwing up. After intense work sessions, when the energy was calm, she would throw up mostly bile. This was her way to release what she didn’t need and couldn’t use so she could have the ability to do more work. When I realized what was happening, after work sessions I started doing energy cleanses and a bit of extra food. However what was more helpful was giving her an herbal and flower elixir directly in her mouth or in her water to drink during work times. Also she is given pet friendly tea water. I have place the leaves in her water bottle but usually I brew the tea for greater benefit. Best al all in
appreciation, she gets extra love and attention to prove my appreciation and love of her being in my life and all the work she does with me. She is an angel and I love her as such.

You may wonder if you have an Animal Angel with you. There are a few questions you can ask. Though my caution is two fold. First, it is a tremendous responsibility and strain to put on any animal. And without special care for your Earth Angel the angel’s life is shortened. And secondly, and most importantly, it does not matter. If your pet companion is an angel or not, they still need you, their caregiver to offer responsible care. Animals are angels in our life and offer their special skills to us. They need not be a Guardian Angel to be important, do valuable work in our life, or offer wonderful support. All animals have an essence of angelic energy and this is to be celebrated. They are a part of nature, which we are primary caregiver and responsible for.

These question, you can ask yourself, will help you determine if your special animal is a guide or guardian angel in your life or just deserves to be treated as such.

How do you know if your pet is an angel guide? Here are some questions to answer:
1 – How did your pet come to you? All angel animals have come into their person’s life in some auspicious way.
2 – What makes you think your pet is an angel guide? Are there certain mannerisms, characteristics, or actions that have you wondering if your companion is an angel?
3 – What does your pet do to let you know they have come here for a higher purpose? Does the animal gravitate to people or activities that make is seem they have a purpose?
4 – How is your pet a messenger from the heavens? Does the animal stare into space, as of listening to a message? Are there certain consistent times of day they need to nap and may “speak” in their sleep?
5 – What is your Earth Contract? Since they are here to support you, it is helpful to know your purpose so you know how to work with the animal as a supportive angel. It is not uncommon for someone to have an angelic their life and they do not discover what their Earth agreement was until they had this animal in their life.
6 – Has this animal been with you in some form in a past life? If they have flooded you through past lives and into this life, they are generally an angel working with you on your Master Earth Walk Agreement.
7- Do you know your Master Earth Walk Agreement? This is an agreement a person carries asthma master commitment throughout all their Earth Walks. Few people know their Master Agreement or how it connects and threads through past lives. Also know not everyone has a Master Agreement.
8 – What challenges have you taken on in this life? These angels come to help us in this life. Whether it is a carry on from a previous life or just this life they may come to help navigate your world because of the challenges your carry this time around.
9 – Has this pet been with you before in this life? Animals do reincarnate. Often reincarnation with an animal is once per lifetime. However some of these angels come again or several times within a person’s lifetime. If you sense this animal has been with
you before during this life walk you may have an angelic your midst.
10 – Does this pet seem to have extra sensing abilities? Do you see this animal sensing things? Knowing things? Hyper aware? Super intelligent? Seeming to have reason or a reason? What are those abilities that you noticing?
11 – Does this pet have extra skills? What do you perceive are the animals special skills? How do they use these skills? When do they use these skills?
12 – How does the pet use their skills? Do they seem to take some initiative to use their unusual skills? This means does the animal seem to take initiative to make sure their skills are used rather than waiting for your direction.
13 – Why? Why would you like this animal to be an angel. Why do you sense it? How do you sense it? Why and how important is it to you that you know if the animal is an angel here in pet form?
14 – How peaceful does the pet seem? Many of these animals seem to have a peaceful sense about them. They are not as sensitive to noises and activities.
15 – How happy and playful is the pet? Angel are generally happy and playful, this tend to get along with most other creatures.

I am saying again it matters little if this is an angel. What matters most is the bond with us, their ability to use their skills, their happiness and care received for the people caregivers. If you believe you live with an angel treat your relationship as such.
If you do not think you live with an angel treat them as if they are. Both of you will be happier and healthier.


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