After reviewing several sources, a collective (but not exclusive) definition of angel is: a spiritual being and messenger who is sent by and performs a mission acting on God’s behalf with qualities of beauty, purity and kindness.

Angels are near us all the time; often much closer than we might think. They love, protect, guard, and guide us in all ways. Many of us believe we have angels around us, but mainly e believe in guardian angels who walks with us during our life. These angels usually remain in spirit form, while a few experience an angel in the physical.

You may be familiar with the many movies and television shows that feature one or more of the main characters as an angel come down to help a person or people. There is even movies that shows a dog coming to someone and angelically helping a
person or a loved one. And there is a wonderful children’s book, “Dog Heaven” by Cynthia Rylant, that talks about pets going to heaven and becoming an angel when they die. Whether person, dog, or other form we are shown angels are among us.

Even with the stories, movies, and television shows few are aware of how common it is for angels to chose to come share our life. And especially to come in the choice of pet because of the special relationship between an individual and their pet. Though an angel may choose from a wide variety of pets forms to take, the three primary animals angels come to us are in the form of horses, birds, and dogs. Horses and humans have thousands of years of interdependency and mutual respect. People have relied on horses to help ease many daily tasks, thus forming a mutual bond. This is a natural Earth form for an angel to take because of the already established bond. Birds are also a common choice of angels because of their wings which help keep them connected with the heavens and birds are resistant and adapt to maladies as a form of survival. They bring this skill to those they share a life walk with. However the most common form angels are choosing to take is a dog. Many will argue dogs are not the only animal that is called a person’s best friend. There is a very strong bond between dogs and people that cannot be denied. No matter the form they re an angel that has come to be, for a brief time, in the life of a person for whatever reason, they are here on Earth to work with us.

Why dogs as the most common? There are many reasons angels have chosen this form. The very special and strong bonds with dogs is only one. We both are group/ pack/family oriented. Dogs have adapted over the years, more than other animals to be able to live and communicate closely with people. Dogs easily read human emotions and show emotion. They quite literally impact the human heart while helping people develop compassion and responsibility. They often positively impact people physically by being an easy and portable companion and helpmate. Dogs can offer emotional support and are used as PTSD support, offer service help, and are to offer physical support and give unconditional love. And dogs and people have had a co-operative existence for centuries. People have bred and rebred dogs to serve specific needs, tasks, work skills, and for the emotional connection.

These reasons are what formed the bonds between people and dogs and the very reason angels have chosen this form to come more often now to be able to walk more closely with us. This form gives angels a unique way to form a close bond and intricately interact with people.

As animal intuitives, I and some colleagues are more and more aware of angels coming to be a guide or guardian dog for a specific person. The relationship is different than the usual one of a person and their pet. The relationship is deeper with more insightful connections. The angel’s primary purpose is to offer support and lend some guidance. They are here as an act of love and service. Choosing to come to bring specific energy and support to their human companion needs, is the angel way. These angel dogs are a source of Divine Love and Grace manifested to be a part of daily life. They are especially valuable today since many people face many obstacles to be on the path of their Earth commitment. These angels come to help, guide, and offer support.

Dog earth angels also help bridge heaven and earth. Their message is we can no longer live separation and isolated existences. They are here to help us come together in love, respect, joy, and interdependence as a community. Their mission is to promote an existence of respect and care for all living beings and the natural environment. Whomever has an angel dog with them is asked to live with this as their life direction and commitment.

There are more angel dogs than any other pet angel. These pets are here to help facilitate greater connects and bonds with elevated skills. This is what makes them to earn the level of guardian angel pet. If you have such a pet in your life you are called to exercise higher standards.

It may seem wonderful to have a pet that is a guardian or guide angel. This is far from the truth. These angels, especially because they come into our life in a physical form, have a harder life than had they remained in spirit form. Generally a pet’s life is short. This means they need to complete whatever mission they came here to do in a shorter amount of time. As well there is a stress of being in physical form. And both a shortened life and physical form creates a stress on the body and energy of these dear creatures.

These angels do not come to Earth without their own support. The Angel of Animals is Ariel. She has been know to punish those who hurt animals and takes special care of those angels who come into any animal form to Earth. She holds a special place for those who undertake this extreme challenge. Ariel is constantly sending healing energy to these wonderful creatures.

Angel animals, like all animal have two guardian angels who look after and offer encouragement to them. While these guardian angels offer support and encouragement to all animals, just as our guardian angels do, they offer even more to the angel animals with the added work they do. Arial believes those animal angels here to love, support, and work with us need extra energy to complete their mission. The greatest undertaking of these angels face is the willingness to leave when they might believe they have not completed their agreement. This challenge is especially had because, like all pets, they have formed a bond with us. With angel animals, though, the bond is deeper, stronger, and more intense. Therefore the guardian support offered them by their angels and Ariel is more intense.

They are here to assist, love and protect us. This is often a monumental task.

Animal angels come in generally one of two forms; guardian angel or guide angel. Though the two roles may seem very much the same there are some subtle differences. Guide angels generally come with a specific mission. They may come with the talent of smelling certain diseases, offering emotional support to the lowest energy people, completing tasks more effectively than people -often at the potential expense of their own life, providing energy to heal physical and motion dis-ease, and to gather, find, and protect a person or group. Though these angels often work with more than one person they may focus on one person who works with many or has a monumental task to work on during this Earth walk.

Animal Guardian Angels are in a person’s life for a specific reason, to help that person work on or complete their Earth commitment. They offer a special level of support and constant love and energy. These animals have a bond and connection with one specific person or a small group. Because they are angels they will and do share their unique angelic energy with all who come in contact with them. They live with the highest vibrational energy. Often this energy level is sensed by all who come in contact with them. They will offer support to all but are on Earth to work with a specific person or group, even though being an angel they feel compelled to not limit their scope. When you have a Guardian Angel pet you are receiving heavenly support to work more intensively on your Earth commitment. Your agreement to come and the mission you set out to do in this Earth walk or greater Earth commitment that spread over many Earth walks. You have been chosen by your angel to receive extra wonderful support.

In part 2 I will address caring for these special beings and questions you can ask when deciding if your special one is an angel walking with you in this life time.


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