Animals are an integral part of the balance, existence, and evolution of the earth’s existence. Yet, all too often people make assumptions about the existence of animals. Are animals simply living breathing creatures? Is it arrogant to think it is only humankind who comes to earth with a sacred contract? Or do animals come, as well, into an earth life form with a pre-described contract that has higher purpose?

It is becoming a more popular belief that animals, particularly pets, come to share our life in service, which means they now are seen as having a sacred contract with us. Our beloved pets are so much more than just furry little friends. The bond we share with them is deep and profound. Their unconditional love and lack of ego enables our relationship with them to often run deeper than that of our human loved ones and friends. While we may spend countless time caring for their physical needs, grooming
them, and feeding them, they are continually soothing our souls and transmuting the stress of our daily lives.

Scientific studies show that people who live with pets recover quicker from surgery and live longer healthier lives. Recent research even shows that when conducting a task that’s stressful, people actually experience less stress when their pets are with them than when a supportive friend or even their spouse is present. Their effect on our daily lives shows their value in supporting a positive existence.

Though many understand the value of pets, few seem to also grasp that animals in general come to live on earth with a purpose, a sacred contract. Would our world have its successful existence without animals coming with a pre-existing agreement, on a soul level that acknowledges their life purpose, lessons, and alignment? If you believe, and I do, that animals have a soul, it is a natural belief they also come with their sacred contract. Hence humankind has an influence in the honoring and the fulfillment of the ability of animals, in general, to fulfill their sacred soul-level contract that they desire to fulfill while on earth.

When people think of sacred contracts, they are often viewed as a profound agreement that elevates the soul’s life purpose and lessons. However, I’m not sure all contracts are about accomplishing grand deeds. I believe some contacts may be to do something significant. Though more than monumental tasks, the earth needs more everyday people to live life as a good caring person. And people need to understand that a sacred contract can be to live as an evolved person with the care of the earth and others in mind. This is also true for animals. Not all animals are angels incarnate healers or other specially evolved animal. Some are here to provide us with food or comfort or another role. Is it lofty thinking to believe only humans come here for a purpose and lessons?

In truth, we have a sacred contract with our beloved pet companions. The depth of these contracts is fascinating when we take a closer look at them. In many ways, we are each other’s spiritual caretakers. It is said that our pet’s soul has been drawn to us in order to benefit us to elevate our consciousness. In fact, the great master of yoga, Paramahansa Yogananda, said animals that live with humans are stimulated to move forward in their spiritual evolution to human birth. We, in turn, have much to learn from our animal friends. The gifts each of our pets brings to our world are quite simply priceless.

It is also true that, prior to coming, animals have their own contract. Their agreements may be viewed as different from ours but are no less significant. Those who come to be a supportive adoring pet have significance for their personal partner. These animals’ contracts differ from others who come to be a part of Earth’s greater circle of
life. All these animals come with their natural instinctual purpose, and some as well are here to help support us while we fulfill our purpose, just like we are here to help them
fulfill their purpose. For some, it’s hard to honor the contract of animals. It may be important to think about animals in the wild and what their contracts include.

Animals are a part of Earth’s pulse and flow. Bees pollinate and even provide honey. Insects are more than pests. Some insects are food for birds and some other animals, and they also clean up waste and decay. There are animals who are predators, so there must be animals that are prey. There are contracts to help with life, energy, environmental movement, and growth. Animals in the wild are important. They are not more important nor less important than the animals we share our lives with.

There is a sacred world that exists between a person and a pet. Pets are an essential piece in many people’s lives. For some, this contract is to have unconditional
support. To understand the depth of the connection between a person and their pet, one needs to understand mutual love and commitment. One owner talked about their love of their dog, Mandy, who loved to dance and was never a lap dog. She did not like too much attention; in her words, “My job here is to comfort you, not to be comforted by you.” But with music, she’d like to be picked up and danced with, and was as happy as any soul could ever be. She loved the music and the movement, and she knew that the
healing powers of music and sound were always at play. This was one example of a pet’s contract with their person.

Indeed, they are meant to help us get past our earth life choices to evolve to a higher level of consciousness and purpose. In essence to help us give up our victimhood and be in a higher-order energy. Equally, we can help them fulfill their purpose and evolve to a higher order. We create mutual agreements that are no longer one-sided. They help us and in turn, we as well help them. They are significant beings in our lives, as we are in theirs.

Therefore, when we lose our sacred contract animals, we feel their loss on a deeper and more intense level. And there are documented cases that show the loss of a person in their life is equally devasting. Often, when the work together is not completed, they may come back to help complete the agreed-upon contract work. There
is so much to connect and love because of our contracts with them, that these contracts create a special soul bond that extends past the time continuum.

Such joy of enlightenment breaks through the illusion of failure and helps us to realize that so very much was learned, instead of the failing feeling so often superimposed on some of these experiences. Animals are here to help and encourage us to get past our thoughts, expectations, and limits to actualize more of our potential and purpose. Perhaps because of their unconditional acceptance, beyond all else, hopefully, we realize purpose is more about love and consideration for self and all earth, than lofty acts.

With our evolving world, it is also important to realize that they are also here and want to connect with us so we will help them evolve and complete their purposes. Whatever their purpose, it is the same as with us, the desire is to actualize this life’s purpose. Equally, it does not matter if it is to be an angel or healer incarnate or to be or make food. Imposing our will over their purposes does not help them. It also shows what we understand our, as well as other’s, soul contracts, missions, or purpose. We are not here to decide, direct, or prod another. Rather, we are here to learn mutuality, respect, and inner connectedness, while maintaining personal autonomy. If they are here to learn something or have a certain experience, it’s important as their partner that we try to not control everything within reasonable perimeters. We cannot make a Third Eye animal be a cuddly quiet lap sitter when they need to be active, nor can we keep a healer cloistered in our home.

Following our own path is challenging and we may veer from it from time to time. So also might our animal partners, especially those under our care. When this happens, understand and gently guide yourself and your pet back to what you comprehend the contract to be. With an agreement to help us, we must also help them, of course within
reasonable parameters, so as we offer them protection and care, they help us accomplish our work while accomplishing their own earthly work. In truth, most of us are so unaware of what our contract is, let alone what our pet’s contract might be. When you have even a slight idea, go with that idea. If it needs

to change, you will sense that need if you pay attention and are open to being sensitive. It’s a tender and tough walk but also one that offers riches, beauty, respect, joy, and so
much more. If the interactions seem in line, right, or you sense it makes sense, stay on the path, supporting one another. Above all, be kind to yourself and don’t put effort into
understanding another’s contract if it doesn’t seem clear. Rather, live life with love, care, and respect.

The more in tune or in sync with the animal, the more will be revealed about your relationship and the easier it will be to have glimpses into your sacred contract with the
animal and each one’s role. Trust yourself and decide to believe and be.

Importantly, knowing our purpose does not need to look like a profound act or mission. To just live in accordance with a higher energy and soul connection brings great reward.


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