It’ll soon be a new year with new plans and hope for our life. It’s a time when people make new resolutions with the intent of improving life. And as we all know, it’s also a time when people begin to follow a resolution’s goal path to only loose interest before those goals are achieved.

          First know setting goals and achieving goals is a challenge. There are steps you can take that help ensure successful achievement of your goals. This topic has been already covered in a couple previous posts. You can read them: Understanding How to Achieve Change.

          The one thing that stands out to me, is the idea of setting personal goal(s) and losing interest in the work to achieve the goal(s). To me this idea is closely connected to people who set a goal to, ‘find their-self’. In both, the notion is once found there is nothing more to do.

          You never ‘find’ yourself nor achieve a goal with nothing more required. Rather than declaring your resolution or finding yourself, I invite you to continually create yourself. Set a life long journey to continually create who and how you want to be.

          To begin this path you begin with knowing who you are now, knowing what you like about yourself, and deciding how you want to progress. It’s also essential to remember you are a part of a community. All you do or not do, is a balance of self and community. So move forward from here and create your progress with both in mind. The key here is progress, not simply be. How do you want to feel about you? How do you want others to see or perceive who you are? Granted, most important is how you feel about you, but we do not live a hermit’s life. In reality, we use others perception of us, as a basis to judge how we project and send forward the message of who we are.

          What are you proud of about you? Where and how are you complimented? What do you think are some areas you want to change, improve, further develop, strengthen, continue, and so on? These are the questions you personally explore to decide how you want to step forward into discovering and creating you.

          The issue I have with ‘finding’ or ‘setting resolutions’ is the implication, that when there and once there, you are done. In truth, people are constantly on a path of personal growth, whether acknowledged or done subconsciously. This means to maintain a resolution or goal, there isn’t an end, more a beginning. With the world we live in we are on a constant life path of growth and change. So instead of trying to set a goal, achieve that goal, and then believe all us complete, take this year and each year to continually be and create you.

          This is where you begin. However, the process and progress of creating you is not stagnant but filled with on-going reflection, evaluation, and adjustment.

          Be all you are and create, by becoming, all you want to be. Be kind on you during your creative path. But also be realistic. Be willing to release that which doesn’t fit. Be active when it’s prudent and at peace by bring calm and relaxed when that’s what’s best. Being true to you is being happy being yourself.

          Rather than set a New Year’s resolution, make a decision to like yourself, be true to who you are, and a willingness to make a life long commitment to creating, through personal growth, to being even more true to your soul’s connection. Be and create. That’s what I encourage and wish for you with this year.

          On a larger note, I’ve been asked many times what will this next year be like. I’m sorry to say, my guides say it’s a good year to continue to work on one’s self since at least most of the year, it’ll be much like this past year. We’ll be asked to continue with the safety restrictions of getting vaccinated, social distancing, and appropriately wearing
a mask. We’ll be asked to look beyond only our desires and take more than ever, consideration to a greater good. Though we’ll each interpret this with some difference, as a whole all benefit when there is a focus on self within community.

          It’s certainly a good time to work on one’s self, while remembering we are a part of a community. We are being asked to take into consideration, not only our needs, but the needs of others. We are responsible for self, family, and the our larger community. It’s true, following one’s conviction is important. It is equally important to understand how one’s conviction compares and balances with the need of the others who live in our community. Sometimes it’s a challenge to balance and remedy personal choice and convictions with community responsibility. This might be the greater challenge all are asked to consider this year.

          With the continued semi-isolation or interactions with others with care, while balancing personal care, growth, an awareness with self and community is tantamount to our progressing forward this year to achieve greater community connection and community growth. All this is in our hands. What will you choose for yourself this year and your community? Let’s all remember we are a part of a community and have responsibilities that require us to balance personal needs, self, with needs of others, community. Let’s all choose thoughtful balance from introspection, insight, and love. Let’s all create on-going personal and community growth. Let’s have a wonderful year.


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