• Pet Charms are small resin figures with wool felt on the back to hold the oil.
  • The charm is placed on the pets collar, bridle, pinned to a bed, attached to a crate or kennel, or other places the pet frequents.
  • The animal friendly deluded oil is placed on the felt. 
  • As the animal breathes in the essence, the oil specific benefits mingle with the animals system.
  • The most beneficial oil is determined by understanding the identified behavior, desired outcome, and knowing which oil can best assist the animal. 
  • These Pet Charms are used when you want to help your pet with a behavior that is disruptive in their daily life. 
  • The best oil to use is determined through understanding which oils help which base behaviors. This is usually done through a consultation. When using oils with animals the general rules include: the oil must be the animal friendly and appropriately diluted. 
  • Pet pendulums are short pendulums that can be worn by a pet or calibrated to up to two pets.
  • Pet Pendulums are an especially effective way to connect with our pets
  • The pendulums can help us gain information about our pets because they do not always have the vocabulary to tell us 
  • Pendulums are also used to understand pet behavior.
  • When a pendulums is calibrated to a specific pet, it can be used remotely to access information, gain understanding,  and to determine what products will be beneficial for our pets.  
  • Pendulums are used in many ways to assist animals in multiple ways from getting current information and helping make future care decisions. 
  • Pendulums are used in a similar to general dousing pendulums. However, most Pet Pendulums are shorter than standard pendulums so the use of a pendulums extended is recommended. 
  • The use os oils with Pet Pendulums can work both when in proximity to the animal as well as remotely when calibrated to a specific pet.
  • A pendulum extender is advised, when used to ask pet questions, as a separation of energy.  
  • Pet’s benefit from energy clearing because of both their own issues and as well the energy of ours they have taken on into their energy field.           
  • Charms and pendulum and pet quality oils are crafted to assist in many issues and to enhance the general well being of your pet. 
  • The simplest way to help animals and your pets is to put an oil on a charm or pendulum and have the animal wear the charm, at least most of the time.
  • Next is to calibrate a pendulum to your pet to enhance the oil’s benefit for the animal.
  • The next level is to calibrate the pendulum with your pet and calibrate the pendulum response so you can use it to ask questions about your pet when the pendulum is near your pet.
  • A fully calibrated pendulum can also be used remotely.
  • Some pet owners will have two pendulums for a pet, so one will be worn by or in near proximity to the pet and the other carried by the owner for ready access.


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