There are no Rock Fairies: they do not exist. There are many Earthen beings who tend to the Earth: woodland pixies, trolls, flower fairies, mermaids, woodland elves, garden gnomes, and so many more.

This is not to say there has never been a fairy turned to stone by a wizard or apprentice on purpose or by accident. Though this has happened and most likely will happen again, there is no Earthen title or specific position of Rock Fairy.

As mentioned, many earthen beings tend to the earth’s gardens, woods, seas, rivers, forests, deserts, mountains, all the earth. And many of those who tend to these areas have position titles to match what they do, such as: woodland elf or pixie, flower fairy, garden gnome or fairy, river pixies, or the other many roles for which the earthen beings are responsible.

Rather, any and all earthen beings feel a responsibility to tending all in their area, with rocks of great importance. Rocks have an energy, spirit, and purpose all their own. Specific gems and rocks have specific abilities and qualities; while each has its own attitudes, each also has its own unique characteristics. This is why when a person goes to choose a stone for a purpose, they should ask each stone they consider what it offers.

The term “rock fairy” has become the more common title that covers all earthen beings who tend to the care of gem stones, when in truth, rock fairies are any and all beings who tend to the care of rocks, pebbles, gems, and stones, even mountains, wherever they reside. These “rocks” may reside on land, in water, in deserts, help to build mountains, and indeed cover all the earth.

A rock fairy’s position is to care for the rocks in their area. What the specific responsibilities are depends on where the rocks reside. In general, those tending to the rocks keep the rock’s energy high and fortify the intended purpose of each rock. The rock tenders polish, energize, fortify, strengthen, and reinforce the purpose and will of each rock they tend.

A rock fairy knows well each rock and each rock’s needs. These tenders each know what the specific qualities, responsibilities, and aspects of each rock under their care. These rock tenders hold great pride in the care of each rock; especially each rock’s specific qualities. They know the general purpose and qualities of an amethyst, crystal, rose quartz, all. And they learn the specific attributes of each individual rock.

The tenders support and reinforce what each stone is and what each stone is to be. They are the ones who help build mountains, warm the sands of the desert and beaches, roll a stream’s small stones along a path, energize a crystal’s healing powers.

They do all that can be imagined and so much more. They care for and about each and every stone. They polish the brilliance of an amethyst, ruby, sapphire, crystal, river stone, agate—the full gamut of stones available in the natural world. So it is these beings we can thank for both helping the earth be a better place because of the stones and rocks present, as well as for the benefits we receive from the personal stones we own or have in the area we live. All stones are purposeful and have specific qualities. For some, each stone has a distinct personality. You can get to know the stones you have invited into your life, discovering their purpose and how you can work beneficially together.

Some of the general attributes of these desired stones include:

Crystal – Crystals come in many shapes and colors. The different shapes hold separate purpose. It is common to use crystals for healing, spiritual connection, protection, and attainment. The differences in the shape hold greater power for these and other purposes – record-keeping, abundance, relationships, attraction.

Geodes – Geodes require special care as they have an outer shell that is hollow to reveal many crystals suspended within. These precious stones amplify energy and ancient wisdoms. They are useful for protection and spiritual growth. As well, they can assist in breaking addictions and are beneficial with overindulgent personalities. Too often a geode is appreciated for the surprise it holds within. However, they hold so much more than just their pretty surprise. The outer shell has one record of information and the crystals within another message.

Diamonds – Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but that is not why they have such great importance. It’s the purity and hardness that are the service they offer. Diamonds are used in many products because they are hard enough to withstand a needed pressure. And their purity is essential in other applications. It is also this pureness that is why they are used as a symbol for love and marriage. When love is pure, it can withstand many trials and tribulations necessary for the longevity in a relationship. And when given as a gift, the purity of the diamond is meant to demonstrate a pure level of affection without demand.

Amethyst – Amethysts are known for their protection and high spiritual vibration. They are also used for healing. Amethyst helps to facilitate the decision making process.

Ruby – Rubies impart vigor to life, improve motivation, and the setting of realistic goals. They are often used in healing. Rubies are associated with many energy centers, especially the spiritual and heart. The aid the development and attainment of goals. When in combination with Zoisite, a deeper state of consciousness can be accessed and acquaint one with soul memory and learning.

Sapphire – Sapphires are known as a wisdom stone, with each color having a particular kind of wisdom. They are truth stones, When held by the throat, the sapphire releases frustrations and facilitates self-expression. And when used for healing, this stone is able to remove impurities and stress and can heal the eyes.

Carnelian – Carnelians improve analytical abilities and clarify perception. They offer powerful protection against envy, rage, and resentment. Carnelian will calm anger and banish emotional negativity. Carnelians help with vitamin absorption. Also, they will help regulate body fluids and with kidney function. Carnelians have many more talents to offer.

Angelite – Angelite is a stone of awareness, which helps with connection with angels and the angelic realm. Angelite fortifies all truth but especially spoken truth. Therefore, it supports telepathic connection.

Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz is one of the strongest heart stones. It supports relationship bonds based on mutual respect. Rose quartz removes negative energies to be replaced with positive and longing vibes. This stone helps heal emotional wounds.

Selenite – Selenite carries the imprints of all that happens in the world. It also aligns and protects. It is a wonderful healing stone because it aligns to a higher purpose and imprints positive energy. It helps keep external energies from infiltrating the mind or
area it protects.

River Rock – River Rock is unique because one of its purposes is to move. Most rocks and stones stay in place until physically moved. River rock helps with movement, whether a physical move or other type of move, such as a new job, relationship, goal, etc. River Rock also holds messages and information from the water that passes over it.

Sand – Sand is seldom seen in the same way larger rocks are. However, sand is made up of millions of tiny stones. Therefore, it holds millions of pieces of information. It also holds a lightness and can help with energy cleaning.

These are only a very few of the many stones and rock on Earth here to help all. The Rock Fairies are a blessing for the work they do to help these rocks maintain and strengthen their purpose. I am thankful to these laities for all they do. Each rock has its unique attributes, as we have seen, but just like us they are better because of the care, strength, and energy they receive from those who care and help them.

As I look at this list, I can see many benefits these stones hold. Each has a general purpose as well as its own specific attributes. For example, a carnelian might be helpful protection for me to carry in my car to shield from the road rage of others. Each rock/stone has a spirit. These spirits are honoring and deserve acknowledgement. Now – how do we connect with them to know what an individual
piece offers?

Choosing the stone meant to be with you is done many ways. The usual is to pick up the rock that attracts your attention. Another is to glean from the stone what it means and then determine how well that fits in your life. However, a stone/rock reading is sometimes the most valuable way to know which offers the most benefit to you. Many individuals, including myself, are able to read these spirits. Stone reading is a skill I really enjoy sharing with clients who bring me a stone or rock to read; I share not only the general attributes of a particular piece, but also what it offers specifically to the individual.

So go out and find a stone that is waiting to connect with you. Talk with the stones you encounter. Enjoy the connection. And if you are interested in diving deeper into that special stone, I would love to share a reading of it with you


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