What I am grateful for is as vast as so many others’ list. And like so many, my list includes family, friends, pets, health, home, skills and talents, and so on. Though today I want to primarily focus on my gratitude for my skills.

 Yes, while I have so many things in my life to be grateful for, I am both humbled by and thrilled to have been gifted the skill of Intuition.

 It is interesting to me having intuitive skills. I know and can tell the difference between my personal thoughts and receiving information from angels, masters, guides, guardians, loved ones, and other fine beings. It particularly thrills me to be so connected to the fae community. For years I’ve held what to me are natural connections.

 The angels and masters whom I’ve had the privilege of coming into my life have been a blessing and instrumental in developing and strengthening my intuitive skills. I’ve felt it an honor to be an intuitive and am so grateful when high and fine beings choose to work with me so I can continue to develop and expand my skills. Though I’ve been an intuitive my whole life (oh the stories and experiences I’ve had!), it’s been wonderful to keep learning more by being offered opportunities to expand my skills and hence more too I am able to share with others. Learning and growing as an Intuitive is very important to me. This enables me to offer my best.

 My connection to the fae started as a child. I’m told I liked to talk a lot. For some peace my mother sent me out to talk to the trees. The trees and other little creatures talked back. This connection continued for many years, then stopped. I think our chats stopped when I was told it was silly and none of my friends talked to little beings. Fortunately for me, the other realm didn’t leave me alone. Years later, while on a business trip, I was invited back into the fairies’ realm. Since that experience, I’ve maintained a strong connection with the fae and learned so much.

 It’s interesting how out of a fortunate encounter, other wonderful things can come. Through my friendship with the fae, I’ve also been invited to share with others not only the information I’ve learned to help create more connection, but also to acquaint people to the celebratory side of the fae and their stories. They tell me their stories, enabling me to be a very limited faerie biographer. I also share what they mean to me by hosting of a variety of types of faerie teas, including, though not limited to, Faerie Godmother Teas. These celebration teas are a wonderful way I’ve been able to share their stories and let others experience a connection with the fae.

 Furthermore, my intuitive skills have helped me work with animals. It’s been a very natural process for me to learn to communicate with many animals, but mostly I work with people and their pets. By working with angels and animals, I became aware of angels who come to us as pets. It’s gratifying working with these exalted beings as much as all animals. My intuitive work with animals led me to also expand into offering various healing techniques. Through this, I’ve included pet-friendly elixirs and essential oils that can be advantageous to pets. As a way to offer health and celebration to pets, I offer pet-friendly teas. All I do with animals, and especially pets, is done with the guidance of an animal master who came to me and has been instrumental in my intuitive animal work.

  Intuitive readings have been my foundation for years. I believe anonymity when conducting a reading is important. It’s not my place to know another’s private information. My agreement with my guides is for me to only retain information that the guides of the person I am work with and my guides deem pertinent for me to know. This means most of what’s shared I have no knowledge of, yet any information I do retain has value. Sometimes there’s a lesson for me to learn or knowledge beneficial for me to know. When this happens the person who has initially received the information is told by the guides what and how what’s said is valuable. This is another way I’m grateful for my intuitive skills. I am able to honor the privacy of those I work with. I consider it a privilege when the wisdom shared to another is something I can learn from or understand how it’s to be used. To receive and then share the wisdom from those on high is absolutely my greatest joy as an intuitive.

 These are some of the ways I am grateful for my Intuitive skills. Every day I see these skills as a privilege and a joy. By having this skill I’ve also met many wonderful people and made wonderful friendships. Being an Intuitive is an honor. This is an honor I am very humbled by and very grateful for. Each day I celebrate my gratitude for my Intuitive skills. I feel blessed.

 What I realize I am deeply grateful for is that my first intuitive experience as a child did not get lost in what could have become the norm of everyday life. Instead, that first experience has led me on a path of humbling personal growth and service. From that first moment, I’ve been guided along a path of spiritual growth with skills I could share with others. The path was never straight, not often clear and shiny, but always rewarding. I am honored to have angels, masters, guides, guardians, and other fine energies choose to work with me, enlighten me, help me, and assist me to bring to others information through readings, classes, sharing, and all. It’s a wonderful blessed path, this life of mine. Not always easy, at times not even welcoming, yet with the support of the energies about and around me, very enriching. I am grateful.

 This is what I am feeling most grateful for. What are you grateful for? And specifically, what are you most grateful for today?


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